Bootloader unlock query

I’m trying to get a Sony Xperia 10 (dual sim) ready to install SailfishX, but checking the “Rooting status” is says “Bootloader unlock allowed when sim lock is unlocked” - does this mean I just need to get a sim (un)lock code to unlock the sim and then I can flash SailfishX onto it?

probably need to get sim unlock code, then go through boot loader unlock process - Then follow steps to flash SF

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Any recommendations for where to get the sim unlock code? Seem to be a bazillion sites on the web, but which ones are trustworthy?

you can usually just ask your carrier to unlock it for you for free, but it depends on your carrier/country.

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I used Unlock Ninja for a Samsung a few months ago, and it was successful, and their service and communication was good, and the price was way less than others, (I think under $20, but it took about a week.

Previously, I had used Onlineunlocker .com, and also successful, and quicker, but I think about $25 - $30, (also on a Samsung).

I have never had to sim-unlock a Sony, since I’ve always gotten them unlocked…

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Would be interesting to know which Telco device locked to as certainly from UK perspective always been a problem that carrier branded device(s) previously had locked bootloader. Should you wish to flash generic firmware be aware that Androxyde Flashtool does carry .fsc script for Xperia 10 I4113 Dual Sim


It’s on EE Uk. I’ll go and try to get it unlocked.

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Did you manage to sort this out ?
I have an Xperia 10, locked to EE in the UK and am looking for advice.

Not as yet, no, if I do then I’ll let you know.

@steve_walsh @david.giffin
Have you looked at this application?
Have just unlocked Xperia X on o2 where Bootloader unlock = No and surprise, surprise device now reads Bootloader unlock = YES (popped in Vodafone SIM before executing command = unlock)