Bluetooth Support in Android

I’m sorry but I don’t want to spam you. it’s either they don’t reply at all or they reply that “uh oh yeah but no”. And I’m using Huawei as a argument to drop Google Play Services.

wrong. You alone have no leverage, but you and me is bigger then you alone, and if we find another one it will be even more. This is how you build group of people that can have leverage. Not to say that current world situation shows that minority can have bigger impact than majority. Just use the “discrimination” keyword and magically things go a bit different.

great, can you normally change alram sound for each alarm or it’s still not possible without patchmanager or using other app?

Yeah it would be great to have a toggle to load/unload the Bluetooth driver to either the AD or the SFOS environment.
As far as I understood Android relys on a Bluetooth stack entirely different to BlueZ and that’s why sharing a single Bluetooth hardware is not possible. But binding the same devices to either the one, or the other environment NOT simultaneously but solely, as requested by the user, might be an opportunity that sounds great for me. May this be feasible?


This sounds more “easy” than carrying around a second dongle.
I don’t use BT daily, sometimes for headphones. For me it won’t be a problem to switch BT from SF to Android to get some devices working.

For me this sounds also like an quite “easy” to implement approach.


Maybe this can be brought up in the community meeting next week?


I also find it amusing that you preach “proprietary is bad and we shouldn’t stand for it, work around it, or use it” yet whatever phone and OS you are using has proprietary blobs in it, as well as closed source pretty much everything. (Before you try the “But muh AOSP is open source,” the cell modem firmware is not.)

It kinda shoots your whole philosophical premise in the foot, when you are literally doing what you tell others they shouldn’t do.

I can’t claim my smartwatch adventure was all about open source, because it wasn’t, but seems like I have actually done more for FOSS then your emails. You know something that is actually useful.

Regardless, I clearly wont change your mind. Just like you won’t change the minds of people here. Maybe it would be best to refrain from bashing people for wanting usability. If you truly wanted to make a difference you could contribute to SFOS either with apps or with code contributions to the opensource UI parts. It would be more effective than emails and would make your arguments actually have some weight as well as improving usability.

yes, I’m perfectly aware of this and I’m still waiting for some device to appear. I thought that librem would be the one but for now it’s in a state that it’s far away from being usable for the basic tasks.

I don’t know why you want to go to the auction with who did what for FOSS and I think this is not he best place for this. Writing mails however is something that every single user of this forum is capable of doing. Now, how many users is on this forum and how much leverage we would have if everybody here would send such mail?

so you say that I don’t want usability?

do you know how to solve this problem?:

please let me know if so cause I’d like to make some contribution. And right now I’m kind of blocked with that.

Again, I’m not going to auction with you on what’s more important, everyone does what he can and as I stated above. Writing mail is the very basic knowledge that everyone that use internet poses.

Seems to me you confluence FOSS and interoperability. Even if FOSS is preferable, it’s much more about interoperability here. Open or published protocols don’t require open source. The Pebble smartwatch is such an example: both watch firmware and original Android app were closed source, but the protocols were published on github. I’m not interested in de the firmware of my domotica controllers, but thanks to the open protocols I have many software options to choose from - locally, FOSS, or even commercial ready-made cloud-operable solutions. Great!


So it is ok for you to use something closed source and proprietary because it is usable for YOU. But how dare people ask jolla to implement BT passthrough which would make things more usable for them.

Got it.


That would move it out of the “show-stopper” category, and into the “it could be improved” one.
It would be a more than acceptable compromise for me.



even librem have binary blobs, there’s some work going on but well.
Someone mentioned here that everybody has some level of acceptance.
I think that working phone that allows you to make phone calls, send sms/mms that last a day is something like a minimum. Also there’s something one has to keep in mind. To use a taxi you don’t need to have an app you can just make a call. And this is the difference.

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I agree, a Bluetooth toggle between SFOS and Android is a really good idea and will make BT much more usable.


Since there are dedicated usb-c dongles available it (and thus it wouldnt be a big issue to just leave the dongle plugged into the phone)\it would be nice to have both possibilities, but of course a toggle is a great idea and would work for all users instantly and without extra hardware. Is anyone deeper in the AD architecture? Could this be achieved but the community or are there changes of the closed source parts of SfOS/AD necessary?

There is a community meeting next week. Can you please ask your question there?
Thank you.

I’m in a regular job and thus won’t be able to participate, I dare. But maybe someone else could…

I wonder what level of Bluetooth support Jolla will provide for car makers.


I think this is the other way round ( connect a mobile phone TO the car-SfOS). Apps running locally on the car-system wouldn’t need Bluetooth for anything, probably, plus the apps on SfOS are native anyways and SfOS already provides full Bluetooth support for native apps.

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So Sailfish OS right now should be fine for you.

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oh really? From the official changelog:

Some XA2 devices suffer from the loss of audio during voice calls. Reported here .

Lol. You haven’t ever used it. You just complain and contradict yourself.

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