Bluetooth stopped working with!?

Anybody had this issue? After upgrading to I can’t start bluetooth anymore - it stays off. Any ideas?


issue confirmed on XA2.
Apparently there is already a thread here in the forum.

Probalbly have to wait for the next SFOS version.


Just putting it here so I won’t to search for it again: [][Xperia XA2 Plus] Bluetooth not available

For some this is still present on

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Yes it is. And at least - what I gathered from the main thread and what works for me - it seems to be possible to turn Bluetooth on while network connections are disabled. But that’s rather lame …

I can’t confirm this.
The Utilities are a robust way to deal with it (or manually restarting the services as I wrote in the other thread), but it’s still annoying and apparently a bug/regression.