Bluetooth headset button stopped working

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I started using two SIM cards yesterday, and since then the button for accepting/stopping the call on my bluetooth headset (Plantronics Explorer 500) stopped working – when I get an incoming call, pressing the button plays the accept call sound (and stops “Incoming call” notification), but phone keeps ringing, and I have to accept the call on the phone (it works through the headset afterwards).

Similarly, pressing the (same) button to end the call doesn’t do anything – I have to end the call on the phone.


Unknown, possibly having 2 SIM cards active?


See description


Headset button works


Headset button doesn’t work





Already reported several times.
This looks like the primary one:


Interesting, I only started getting the problem since adding the second SIM card – never had this specific problem before (neither on X 10 III, not on X 10).

Also, not sure if this is the same problem – my button works really randomly, eg. I could accept and then end the last call I just received, but it did not respond on the previous call (and I didn’t do anything with the phone between these two calls).

Thanks for the report @ender. As noted on the other thread, the following change has been added to try to avoid this issue in the future:

This should hopefully make it in to the next release, so I’ve tagged this topic as “fixed”.

I hope this is the same issue – my button works randomly, and I haven’t noticed mpris-proxy crashing.

@ender: it may be that the fix above doesn’t address your particular issue; it can be really hard to know unfortunately, especially when there are multiple factors at play.

What I’d suggest is that if you continue experiencing this issue after the next release, we should revisit it (i.e. remove the “fixed” tag and dig a bit deeper into why it might be happening).

If you don’t want to wait that long, we could go through applying the fix manually if you like?

Just had this happen again in, the bug is not fixed.

Thanks for double checking this and coming back to share your experiences @ender. I can’t emphasise enough how useful it is that you do this.

Unfortunately the change mentioned above didn’t make it into the release, but is due to go into the next full release.

In case it’s useful or interesting to know the details, the version of bluez5 in the release was 5.58+git4 (you can see this by entering pkcon get-details bluez5 in the terminal on your device), but the git history shows the fix wasn’t merged in until 5.63+git3.

More practically, I’m sorry that this means the problem still persists for you, but it is still in the pipeline, and if you could check after the next release again, it would be really useful.


FWIW, this is not fixed in

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On my side (X10 II), it’s only the resume function that don’t work every time.

I could neither answer, nor terminate the call with button on my E500.