Bluetooth Battery Level

Is there any app or any other way to identify the battery level of the connected bluetooth earphones?

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Unfortunately no :frowning:
The information is there, but not being parsed by anything as far as i can tell.
I.e. I have seen AT+IPHONEACCEV in the journal log, but it doesn’t appear to be captured by anything.
To me it appears like it would be easy to capture and expose on dbus for somebody that is “at home” in the Bluetooth subsystem. But i guess the main question is how to make it work with upstream and make the functionality maintainable through future changes in the area.

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This used to work in older versions , however one of the 1.1x updates broke it and it’s broken ever since.


Wow! Is there any info on this somewhere?

Maybe this could be brought up here:

…or perhaps next time around.

Edit: wrong link