Bluetooth and Radiosat (Renault handsfree set): regression in connection

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 50%
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product):
HARDWARE (Jolla1, Tablet, XA2,…): Xperia X
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): Yes


After the latest update ( the connection with my handsfree set (Renault Radiosat) got much worse. It was already buggy before. This didn’t get any better.

But now also the phone connection is broken. The phone connects in most cases (and e.g. shows the symbol for connection quality of the mobile connection of the phone). It’s also possible to select a contact in the car (which wouldn’t be the case, if there was no connection at all), but I can’t dial a number. Nothing happens, when I click on a contact in the handsfree set.

Also incoming calls don’t get forwarded to the handsfree set. The phone is ringing instead of the handsfree set.

It seems that pulseaudio is in a more broken state than before and audiorouting issues are not only affecting media streams but also phone streams.

I tried to reconnect the phone with the handsfree set, but I didn’t manage to achieve this yet. Maybe this is also broken.
I deleted the content of /var/lib/bluetooth and deleted all devices on the Radiosat. They are not able to find each other anymore.


Xperia X with, Renault Scenic III with Radiosat


  1. Have phone and carkit connected
  2. try to make a phone call
  3. try to pickup a phone call


be able to make and receive phone calls via handsfree set in 95% of the time.


It’s not possible to start a phonecall


What would be relevant here? How do I debug the bluetooth connection or the pulseaudio routing?

Ok, I figured out now, how to reproduce the connection problems:

The problem is, that the interaction between phone and carkit breaks. It breaks, when you e.g. try to initiate or receive a call via carkit, before the media connection is established. My carkit (Renault Scenic III “My_Radiosat”) only establishes a media connection, when you select the External Media Mode (There are 3 modes “Radio”, “CD” and “External Media”, latter stands for USB or Bluetooth).

So the following situation works fine and more reliable than on previous versions of SFOS:

  • BT is turned on on the phone
  • start carkit in media mode
  • wait till both connections (phone and media) are established
  • make a phone call, play music, etc. everything works fine

This scenario won’t work:

  • BT is turned on on the phone
  • start carkit in radio mode
  • wait till phone connection is established
  • make a phone call… the phone won’t react
  • even if you establish media connection now, the audio stream may get routed to car speakers, but you can’t skip songs, play/pause, etc. also phone connection won’t recover
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