BitSailor support thread

Starting a support thread in case someone wants to reach me here on SFOS forum to get help with BitSailor.

You can get the app on OpenRepos.

You can help translating to your language on Transifex.


Bitsailor = A Bitwarden client for Sailfish OS

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I finally got it up and running, really nice to have a native client.

I noticed one bug when I was logging in.
When I copied the api key I got some spaces at the end witch stopped me from authenticating.

Will fingerprint unlocking be supported at some point?

I got 404 error on this link.

It seems Transifex changed the URL, now it’s at: BitSailor localization | Transifex

It also seems I cannot edit my original post.

Fingerprint unlocking is supported currently, you need to enable “Use OS authorization to unlock vault” - that way whatever you have set on OS level (including fingerprint) will be used to unlock the vault.

Ummm, I uninstalled node.js before by accident , was going to uninstall something else. So Bitwarden is not working, tried to reinstall from storeman but the install wheel just keeps spinning. Tried reinstalling bitwarden, it didn’t reinstall node.js. What to do?

I meant bitsailor of course

Try reinstalling node manually.

Manually meaning through terminal? What might be the command?

You can also try through Storeman.

But the command should be:

  1. devel-su pkcon refresh
  2. devel-su pkcon remove nodejs
  3. devel-su pkcon install nodejs

I’m not entirely sure about the package name, it might also be node.js or just node, try it out. Also it might be uninstall instead of remove, so try that if remove fails.

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Just got this installed on my new Sailfish device but cant get bitwarden-cli installed, tried through the app and it says “there was an error installing the bitwarden cli” in red writing.

And i also tried installing manually through the terminal using “devel-su npm install -g @bitwarden/cli” and that failed too, you think it needs a newer node version than the one packaged?

How did it fail when installing the CLI manually? What was the output?

Tried to access the actual log but couldn’t, hope these screenshots will help

Can you check the versions of node and npm you have?

18.9.0-3, is the same package in your repo that installed with BitSailor

Bitwarden-cli bug report

Looks like some people have a problem building it with npm but they couldn’t replicate it.

It looks like they could manually install an older specific version, if i do that can i delay updating the cli part till its fixed?

Yeah, the app will work even if you don’t update the CLI, though you’ll get the notification about CLI not being up-to-date every time you start it. I’d try removing node and purging all its data from your system and reinstalling again, that might fix it. But using an older version might work as a workaround.

Reinstalled SailfishOS and made sure your app was one of the first i installed but same problem happened. Will try using an older cli and get back to you if it works or not