Best performance device for sailfish os

Hi, could you tell me, which phone (device) is the best - best performance (ram, cpu…) and fully support sailfish OS? Thanks. Now I’ve got xperia xa2 plus and looking for some newer device.

That’d be Xperia 10 III.


It seems very similar to xa2 in comparision. There is no newer model?

Or will be in near future?

Very likely the last official SFOS device as Jolla is about to go under Article in Aamulehti about Jolla (finnish only)
There was some initial work on XIV port but that might never finish
And: Article in Aamulehti about Jolla (finnish only) - #46 by kulta

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Well both have 8 cores but…

XA2 is actually pretty sluggish compared to 10 III. (I have used both as a daily driver for quite a while.)

10 III is a lot faster, both as a honest user experience and every benchmark you can find.

For example:

AnTuTu: 10 III, 275000 points vs XA2, 72000 points
Geekbench 5 Single Core: 10 III, 571 points vs XA2, 170 points
Geekbench 5 Multi-Core: 10 III, 1594 points vs XA2, 970 points

Well, you get the idea.

XA2 is a decent phone, but if i had to choose between these two models, i can’t think of anything that favors XA2.

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There’s no comparison between the two, especially when you start using android apps.
Also as @throwaway69 said, we might never (or at least not anytime soon) see another device supported officially.
But we can’t know that of course, so take it with a grain of salt.

X10III is the most performant device among the officially supported ones – there may be some community-ported devices which pack more horsepower, however.

Having said that, X10II – in my opinion – is the best compromise. It has somewhat better hardware support (camera, for example) although it is not as performant. (Haven’t checked by how much, though.)

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But for camera support there is a switch button on the xperia 10 iii now thanks to nephros. So one can either use triple cameras or the selfie camera

I’ve missed that completely. Could you share some links to relevant threads?

Look here: Toggle XPeria 10III Cameras
As mentioned in the thread, the switch works pretty well.

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