Best browser to use

we all know the problem, our browser, especially the native outdated default browser is almost unusable.
Funnily I was usually mostly using this browser as I had even more problems with the native webkit browsers.

But more and more paiges now started to lock me out and tell me my browser is too old.
And since the cookie popups are very often so dumb made that buttons are not even on the visible screen anymore I am forced to search for an alternative.
So here is my list maybe we can find the best one together and help others finding an alternative till the default browser gets it’s update somewhen soon ™.

  • default native browser (Gecko based - heavily outdated)
  • webpirate (webkit based, great options/functionality, I think no addons?, I have many problems on pages - don’t know why)
  • webcat (webkit based, great options/functionality, I think no addons?, I have many problems on pages - don’t know why)
  • Icecatmobile [Android] via F-Droid (Gecko based - newer engine but also now outdated, can use firefox add ons, but only a reduced number)
  • Firefox [Android] (the main app was in the past too big/fat/slow and crashed often, don’t know how it is now, and functionality issues with the latest version check YT video of Firefox Android )
  • Fennec [Android] via F-Droid (up to date Gecko engine incl. most important Add Ons, feels lightweight, starts fast)

So far I’m currently stuck with Fennec as my main browser as I could not find any disadvantaged (apart from Android of course)
Is Fennec acceptable? Wasn’t there some privacy Issue with it in the past? I’m not so sure, but the performance pulls me currently towards it.

Which do you use? I personally would preferr a native Gecko based browser…


Upcoming SailfishOS v3.4.0 will bring update to sailfish-browser, it looks like it’ll be updated to next ESR version (=52). It seems Jolla is already working on updating to the next ESR version (=60) aswell. It seems sailfish-browser is getting some (much needed) love finally.


I have to admit that I regularly use Opera for internet research. I use “Startpage” or “DuckDuckGo” as a search engine.
From the pure functionality it works very well.
Of course, I would also like to have a well-functioning native browser.

Thats almost perfect news… but I’m afraid ESR 52 is still too old IceCatMobile is on ESR 68 which also gets regularly the “your browser is outdated message”

The browser is shocking tbh, one of the biggest issues with using Saifish and dont understand why this hasnt been updated long ago

Please give the browser the attention it deserves Team Jolla!

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I prefer Angelfish, it is an up-to-date browser, but needs flatpak for SailfishOS to be installed. And it does not support copy&past, which is sometimes a problem.

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I use Brave Browser. Are there any privacy issues with Brave? I do not know.

It works quite well, really very well (using it now).

Problems I have:

  • I can only copy text when editing text, not when reading something somewhere…
  • Videos freeze when I try to watch them in full screen. Not sure about YouTube.

Advantages I hope will not go away from the native browser:

  • The ability to play YouTube even when the screen is locked or while doing other things is great!
  • The ability to save favorites as “apps” in the app drawer is great, too!
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I am also using Opera and it works really well, but that is based on Chrome (ouch!), so i keep it there as plan c and patiently try to open sites with native or web pirate first

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I use Microsoft Edge (with Android support). It was said there will be a Linux version in future too, I’m curious if this could be used too…

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Chromium, Firefox, Midori, etc., all working well with Containers, if your phine is compatible… Only downside seems to be higher battery consumption…

I use Opera. So far as I’m concerned it is the best mobile browser by far . The one feature that sets it apart for me is the ability to reflow text when you zoom. There’s no need to swipe right and left to see the page content.

Sadly the Sailfish browser is a very poor apology for a browser. The rest of the Sailfish apps do a pretty good job for day to day use, (not saying they are perfect) but the browser in my opinion is the one app the really lets Sailfish down.

Does Brave support API 19?

This is the thread that the Mozilla Fenix team set up to complain about the lack of addons (or maybe to reduce the complaints on github):

I posted a link in there to Wladimir Palant’s blog. That blogpost has some interesting comments.

My go-to browser is Vivaldi (for Android).

I use the Sailfish Browser mostly for YouTube, as funny as it is! Works like a charm!

I also keep testing/using Angelfish via flatpak, and it works pretty dang well! If I had a say at matters, I’d investigate replacing Browser with Anglefish (or its core). Then again, the issue is a bit more complex than that. Perhaps updated Qt (in some future release) brings new tools to the mix…


On my XperiaX i use the Kiwi Browser (for Android) when it depends on and the SFOS-Browser won’t work correctly. Kiwi was for me the fastest altenative. It is also very flexible, so you for instance can change toolbar position to bottom.

I am not smart enough to answer your question. Tried to Google… sorry, duckduckgo-it and can’t say I am much wiser. Found a page that showed brave and api19, so possibly.

What need to make a good browser? For some answers it is “playing youtube”. For me there are more points, e.g. the personal kind of use (like “information” or “entertainment”). One important point to identify a “good” browser is privacy (at least for Sailfishos users, maybe not for Android users). Some discussion about browser privacy here.

The best browser is the default one unfortunately, it might be old and slow, still has the best integration with the rest of the system. It is impressive that we have AD, flatpak and containers that can run many varieties of browsers/apps. I think such solutions are ideal for running not frequently used apps. SFOS needs to have an updated browser.

I’ve been using Puffin browser (with AD). The main reason is simple: it runs smooth and fast on my Intex AquaFish with its genuinely weak hardware.

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On Xperia X I use Kiwi browser. It works like a charm.