Berail no longer working

Yet an other app no longer working after OS upgrade : (apparently due to dropped json components in Rokua, just like

You can forget about fix from its developer.
@DylanVanAssche left the SailfishOS boat.

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Correct! I left the Sailfish OS boat, if you want to know why, I wrote the whole story down in a blog post:

Which JSON components are dropped in I’m not aware of this issue.


@dylanvanassche I suspected it’s because of this: Restore cutes-js?
Maybe I’m wrong. Anyway, I don’t really understand Jolla’s policy not ensuring backwards compatibility to make sure working apps are still usable after an OS ‘upgrade’. For instance, was it absolutely necessary to drop cutes-js? As many devs leave the ship for various reasons (this a serious issue but out of the scope of this thread), I’m afraid zero third party app will work after several coming OS updates.

Thank you for sharing your views. I admire your temper while writing this text, it was a pleasure to read.

My 3GB pmOS CE phone is on its way, too, and it will most likely never run SFOS, which is … disappointing.

BeRail is functional again! Fixes on the API side made it work again, no fixes from my side though.


Interesting. Specially because this temporary issue did not affect ReisplannerBE, supposed to use the same API (from

Both are using
The issue was that the station list was empty on the API.
Some apps use a CSV file or SQL db with the stations, they were not affected by the bug.