Battery Buddy support thread

And so we have a 4.1.0 beta 4!

  • Use ColumnView to show the log contents with formatting

Thank you @nephros for the PoC code! All I had to really do was fix the height calculation and do some clean up!


@nephros @direc85 thank you! This colored log looks fantastic and it is so much easier to quickly locate specific information.


Off-topic: → laptop

Hi, I just bought a new Lenovo-Laptop and will install Ubuntu 22.04.
Does someone know an analogue solution (linux-package, config) to manage that the laptop will be loaded only to 80%?

TLP can do this.

Correct, but with my Lenovo model, it only activates after you re-connect the charger/dock after boot.

That would fit for me, thanks.

Battery Buddy 4.1.0 is out! Go grab it! :battery:

Edit: Changelog is in the first post!


Fantastic! Thank you! Works great and looks even better.

If I can have a small request for version 4.1.1, would it be possible to move the pulley menu option to access the log from the second (settings) screen to the first one? With the service working in the background, all options set for good and no need to frequently change them, I actually only open the application to view logs, so it would be much quicker and easier if it was reachable from the first screen… Besides, it’d prevent accidentally changing some options on the settings screen, which sometimes happens when I swipe to go back to the previous screen and some slider happens to be under my finger…

P.S. Another thing is that the Polish translation “Ładowanie” (the first text referring to battery charge level) is very unfortunate. A much more correct translation would be “Poziom naładowania” (or, if it’s too long, then “Naładowanie” or even just simply “Poziom”).

Thanks, glad you like it!

I’ve been thinking about the log position myself, too. I think I’ll move all three items to the main page.

I really seems “Ładowanie” is not the best word for it. I’ll update it to "Poziom naładowania” for now. If it’s looks too long, we can fix it again :slight_smile:

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Battery Buddy 4.1.1 is now out with translation updates and a few minor fixes!


Now it’s perfect! Thank you!

The new Design of the AppCover is Beatiful! I think i couldn´t do it better so i´m glad that i not started to design it.

But i have a suggestion for the App-Cover. Maybe its a good Idea to show the Battery-Icon in Landscape-Mode and not Portrait, so you have more space under it for one more line of Info, if needed. And it would look like on Mainpage, so its more Corporate Design.

Now that I made the battery slimmer, it certainly crossed my mind already! I think I’ll give it a shot and see how it looks! There would be room for a fourth status row, e.g. status, then. Hmm…

First of all… i love this app. I´ve been using it for a long time. In XA2 it used to worked flawless.

In my new Sony Xperia 10 III, sometimes, when i plug the phone to recharge (up to 80% were i set up the limit) i need to restart the service of the app, because the app does not change from discharging state to charging state.
I don´t know why this happens and but it true it does it nearly 50% times i plug it.

Anyway… the best thing is that i can leave the phone plug to the charger the whole night, and it never gets charged beyond 80%, so it protects the battery wonderfully.

That’s a new behavior for sure… I check the logging and unfortunately I have mixed up “status” and “state”, so I’ll have to fix that before the logging can grab all the necessary changes. I’ll try to push it out this evening.

Do note that there’s a reaction time of a few seconds, because the background service polls the status only so often.

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Does anyone know if the battery recharge cycle counter provided by /mnt/vendor/persist/battery/battery_cycle_count is reliable and really persistent? If so, maybe it could be included on the Battery Buddy info screen?

The same value (39 for me) is also available in /sys/class/power_supply/battery/cycle_count, so it seems to be a usable metric.

There are more values to display too, so perhaps a detailed info page would be a better choice. I’ll look into it soon-ish, I just remembered another thing about Battery Buddy I forgot :sweat_smile:

I’m curious if it survives reflash.

Anyway, I was quite late with joining the 10 III party (I got it only on July 13th) so it’s been just 3 months. 42 full cycles (i.e. some 10% of typical Lithium battery life time) in 3 months doesn’t look too good IMO, as it would mean that the battery wouldn’t even last 3 years.

My BlackBerry Passport (with its smaller 3500 mAh battery) reports 225 full recharge cycles after whopping 6,5 YEARS (!!) of use (it used to be my daily driver since mid 2016 until I got the 10 III).

So seeing 42 cycles already eaten by the 10 III in merely 3 months is quite scary.

I rebooted today, and both paths gave the same value.

Lithium batteries don’t last forever, that’s why the idle consumption is more important to get fixed than using BB to mitigate the symptoms…

They certainly don’t. But, as the above figures show, if power consumption is properly optimized like on the BB10 Passport, its much smaller 3400 mAh battery can last nearly 7 years (and still way to go as its health status is reported as 76% and it still lasts more than 24 hours of typical use) or 2-3 years like the cycle count seems to suggest on the 10 III with SFOS onboard.

It wouldn’t be a problem is batteries remained easy to replace, but it gets a real challenge on recent phones.

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