Battery Buddy support thread

Oh, i´m blind! This heat makes me dizzy and too less coffee, so said that i donate two coffees to direc85!

… as I wrote: “After that I disabled everything (except: don’t disturb is enabled) on my Xperia 10 III and switched off the display for the measurement.”

But there are too many currents with about 150 mA while “sleeping” and some peaks with 400 and 600 mA, this could be optimized IMHO.

It wasn’t clear to me what you meant by “everything”. If you disabled phone, mobile data, wlan, etc., then what was the point of keeping Do Not Disturb enabled if there was no way to get any communication from outside, anyway? :grinning:

If what @miau showed recently is correct, i.e. the 10 III never falling below ~ 1.2 GHz, then obviously the first thing to optimize should be to allow using lower CPU frequencies in sleep mode (and I guess in idle as well). This would instantly lower power consumption quite seriously.

Thanks, I’ll add it to the tested devices list!

After one day of monitoring, my idle power usage is pretty much the same - perhaps a tiny bit lower, but I’m not going to crunch the numbers.

In the forum post write dialog, there’s a cog, under which there’s “Hide details” option. You can simply paste long texts inside the tags. It’s click-to-expand so it’s suited for longer texts.

The app is battery-oriented, so flow inside the battery should be positive (charging) and out of it negative (discharging).

I have seen both ways being used, and it depends on the device which way it reports it. I noticed it early and decided to just ignored it. I was going to make the sign automatic, but forgot about it, thanks for reminding me, both of you :wink:

The log view is a simple text field, and the log is a quite raw text file. I can’t think of a nice way to add formatting to it without completely changing the log format, so I don’t think that’s worth the effort currently. What I can do, however, is to include the charge percentage on the medium log level, where the current values don’t get logged. (Stay tuned for beta 3.)

There are other logger applications too, which also graph the charge, you can always use one of those. Can’t recall any names off the top of my head though.

Remember it’s a beta - although there are a few users already, which is a good sign :grin: And thanks for the support, I appreciate it!

Remember that BB can only log data during the wakeup event , so it will never log the “true idle” values. There’s always something else going on, too. But: as long as we use the same app to measure, the results should be comparable with each other.

I’m not an expert in this area, but to me it looks like (edit: I think you meant this post) at least the basic frequency control is working correctly. If my detective work is correct, X10III sports Snapdragon 690 5G (oh the marketing adjectives!) which according to this and this has clock speeds of 1.7GHz and 2.0GHz, depending on the core type. I can’t find any information about the power save clock speeds, however. I wonder why… (No I don’t, small numbers are bad for marketing.)

The Snapdragon 690 chipset has Cortex-A55 and Cortex A-77 CPUs

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There’s now a 4.1.0 beta 3 available, for those who like to test the oven-hot versions:

  • Rename internal logging functions for clarity
  • Log charging current only on high log level
  • Invert the charge current sign if necessary
  • Assume the charge current value always changes
  • Remove unused files
  • Print changelog at the end of the build script
  • Built with Sailfish OS SDK 3.9 for

The next release is approaching quickly!

Edit: Jolla Tablet and Jolla C support is still unknown AFAIK, it would be most appreciated if someone could confirm if they work or not!

Just to add that runs on Jolla C, version 4.0.0-1 from OpenRepos via Storeman.
Will have to play a bit more to say anything else :slight_smile:

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Great news, thanks! So it shows the status data, and it can pause and resume charging? If yes, that’s it :smiley:

How about using some type that supports textFormat: Text.RichText and some simple function that on the fly modifies the log’s raw text by adding some simple HTML tag to change color around each part of text starting with “Battery” and ending with “%”?

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Thanks for the idea! I think I could try to do some regex trickery on the C++ side respectively… But not today :sleeping:

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Take your time! Thanks for this fantastic and highly useful application! And good night :grinning:

Or text.split("\n") to get an array of lines and display per-line in a ListView/ColumnView.

Then you can format as you like in the delegate.

Hi, I would like to get some information about the WiFi.
Looking at ubuntuusers I found the command

iwconfig | egrep -i 'ieee|power' 

How can I install “iwconfig” on SFOS or is there a better alternative?
Considering the section “Power Management”, I’d like to test a little with it.

What does this have to do with BatteryBuddy?

Please create a new topic for such questions.

However, the article you linked also mentions the iw utility which is available and installed per default on SailfishOS. (Making the question on how to install iwconfig a textbook example of an X-Y Problem).

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PoC: Comparing direc85:master...nephros:logview · direc85/harbour-batterybuddy · GitHub


It is planned to show more Informations on the App-Cover like actual Current (or charging in % per hour), Display running time and usage in % per / min / hours?

I could provide a nice Appcover-qml-Design/Template.

That looks quite nice! I was going to implement that on the C++ side, but I think I’ll test that first.

Mind if I start by grabbing and modifying your code? Or would you like to make a PR instead?

To be honest, I had completely forgotten about the cover page :sweat_smile: I’ll update it a bit later, so if you have suggestions, a mockup or a PR, feel free to submit them!

Sure, just pull and remix to your liking! :slight_smile:

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