Automatically purge nextcloud saves



A nextcloud account used for saving purpose is, over the time, filled with a lot of saved data (especially due to bug Backup runs every 20 minutes instead of once a day , but this is a separate issue).

There’s no interest in keeping these files so long, especially given that nextcloud keeps its own history. Old files should be cleaned up automatically by the sync process. I see two approach for this:

  • do a cleanup when sending the save, and send the old files (with old being something like 1-month) to trash
  • keep the same filename over and over, and rely on nextcloud to keep old versions of the file

I don’t have a strong opinion on which one is better. The second is probably simpler to implement.

On thing to consider is that the “restore” function on SFOS can not access previous versions handled by NC, so the file name approach would be better IMHO, so it’s clear to the user what exactly is being restored.

I’m not sure DAV clients can access the NC-managed previous versions at all - can they?

That’s a good point. I don’t think previous versions can be accessed by DAV (I’m not aware of any client that would be offering this feature).