Aurora OS devices

Devices running Aurora OS.
The version of SFOS localized in Russia was named Sailfish mobile OS RUS. And first devices were smartphone Inoi R7 and tablet Inoi Tab8. Specifications are available on official site
Inoi R7
Inoi Tab8


After rebranding Sailfish mobile OS RUS was named Aurora OS (on Russian - Аврора). First devices were produced for government. There are tablets:
Aquarius Cmp NS208
Aquarius Cmp NS220
Another target audience for devices is the corporate segment. Next devices are available:


This is “old news”, see


@olf you not 100% correct, your link does not cover every device listed here.

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The main issue for people outside of Russia remains: How to buy one of these devices (for me: one of the tablets, e.g. an INOI T8 / T10 or one of the Aquarius tablets)?

I looked here:

there is a store with the price (in $), a shopping basket and a login button, but no possibility to add the tablet to the shopping basket. Maybe purchasing is only possible after making an account on the Inoi homepage (I didn’t yet).

thats because it is not updated since the forum started.
Werent there plans to migrate the posts from together.jolla?

I created the mentioned link years ago for exactly that reason: info is splattered in several threads - and no new user can easily see what devices are available. Didnt think it would reasonate that much - but guess it did. The same applies to the forum here - i had a longer look and still couldnt figure out whats available.
The info from v.asimir should be included in some sort of wiki post that combines the old + new infos.

Those entries from together.jolla need to be migrated - so the community is able to update them. Discourse has a wiki function somehow - so that shouldnt be the problem.

Also Jolla said in a blog post they will migrate old posts. Has this happend yet?.
Couldnt find out - I’ll ask in the feedback section.

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Does anyone know or had anyone update/upgraded an INOI R7 from Sailfish mobile OS RUS to Aurora OS? Is Saifish mobile OS RUS maintained in the future?

New smartphones running Aurora OS were announced 31 May (source). Company “F Plus Mobile” (affiliated with Marvel Distribution) has begun production smartphones under own brand “F+ pro”. Target audience is b2b segment. First shipments to customers can begin in autumn 2021.
Due to official site new models are F+ pro H166 and F+ pro P670. Smartphones can operate under Android or Aurora OS of the customer’s choice.
Also the manufacturer’s website presents a tablet Life Tab Plus.