Aptoide won't install apps (

Fresh install on a 10ii. Android services are enabled. I can install Aptoide from the store and independently from a download, but every time I try to install an apk via Aptoide it says “an error has occurred.” I can install apk’s outside of Aptoide by downloading from websites and selecting in the file manager, but it would sure help to have a working package manager. What am I doing wrong?

Last confirmed version of Android OS was 10 (I thought I downloaded an update to 11 before flashing the phone but it could just have been a Sony update with the string “11” in it). Enabled “install from untrusted sources” in Settings. I have Aptoide working just fine on my XA which updated to this morning.

Any thoughts?

not a solution, but apkpure is an alternative .


My XA2 had issues with mobile and wifi data. Aptoide stopped working over wifi and wouldn’t work over mobile network. The latest update wouldn’t help it either. Thanks for the Apkpure tip. I had it on my Blackberry Z10 but completely forgot about it. It supports 5 out of my 6 apps…

Aurora store (also available on F-Droid) is like a non-Google front end for the Play store, with the option of using your Google login or an anonymous one, and so probably a safer source for Android apps than Apkpure


Thanks, all. Even after a full system wipe and fresh flash via Emma and reinstall, Aptoide is still acting up, but APKpure and F-Droid are working. I appreciate these tips!

Aptoide seems to be unsafe for now.


I was told to use APKPure and did. Only one app out of 6 wasn’t supported in APKPure but Aptoide.