App Won't Start From Launcher

I know this is addressed somewhere, but couldn’t find it…

I just updated to 4.4 on XZ2c, and working great, but certain apps I install won’t open by tapping launcher icon, but open and work fine by terminal command…


Seems to be a sandboxing problem with the app. See List of application affected by SailJail
By starting the app on terminal disables sandboxing allowing the use of the app without sandboxing.

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Thanks. Any hacks/mods to get ot to wprk with launcher, or terminal only?

Or, here’s a question - in the desktop file, it says, “exec=appname”, indicating that the command used to open it is “appname”, but it doesn’t open it. Then, when I type “appname” in terminal, it opens.

What is the difference, or what is the phone sensing that’s different when I tap the launcher icon?

Now sandboxing is default (i.e. exec is wrapped with sailjail), and you have to opt out if that’s what you really need. See the linked thread for how to do that.


If it’s really Exec=appname, giving the full path would maybe be enough, i.e. /usr/bin/appname but it depends a bit on what appname really is.

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I noticed in Yottagram desktop file a dbus call for exec:

Exec=dbus-send --type=“method_call” --dest=com.verdanditeam.yottagram / com.verdanditeam.yottagram.openApp

maybe this would work for any app that you know the package name. Not sure where to find package name in SF apps…