Anybody used CalyxOS?

I have been using SFOS on my Xperia III since November and love the OS.


I SUCK at typing on this phone. REALLY, REALLY bad. Throw in the sub par, sometimes non functional camera, the glitches using the camera w Android support, and the slow opening of apps and I have toyed with the idea of trying an ungoogled Android.

Yes, I get the irony of buying a phone made with a closed SOC by google to use an operating system to get away from google.

I have tried a couple of flavors of Linux on my OnePlus 6 and SFOS on my Xperia and SFOS is without a doubt the best user experience. After 4 months I am not sure the sacrifices to have Linux outweigh the benefit.

If we had a premium wide body phone with SFOS I would not even consider leaving, but…

So, has anyone tried Calyx and what is/was your experience?



There is a Fairphone 4 with CalyxOS in my household.

If you can stand Android, it is the best option for it, in my opinion. Everything works as you would expect from Android+microG.

However, has tested CalyxOS ( and was not very enthusiastic in terms of degoogling (in German, unfortunately).

Thank you for the link. Google translate did a respectable job. It was a facinating read. Sounds like it phones home to the mothership more than Calyx leads one to believe. Their arguement that the user is just a voice in the crowd lacks any credence since the IMSI is transmitted! Pretty easy to identify and track you with that =(

Still sounds like the closest to getting away from google and using android.

I really wish SFOS did a premium phone for us.

You might want to consider higher keyboard rows patch, it was a life saver for me, spelling mistake rate dropped to almost zero. Personally I love the the 21:9 ratio and think it should be the standard, even in laptops. It makes sense when you think about the eyes field of view

There is also the native advanced camera app, which is a lot better

Thanks. I just installed that and will see if it fixes my problem!

I will look at it. I installed one of the advanced camera packages and it borked up everthing video related. Had to remove it.

Just looked in the Jolla store and cannot find any camera app. Can find advanced camera in storeman, but not the native apps.

Advanced camera from storeman is the one I use, I thought it was native. Let me know if you decide to move away from Sailfish so I can talk you out of that madness. I’m going to try ubuntu touch on Xperia X, and e/os/ on Xperia 10, but I’m definetly sticking with sailfish. For me It’s patriotic as I’m finnish