Any Inoi R7 users out there?

Hello Sailors,

is there anyone using an Inoi R7 device out there?

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I’m here. Need some help with Aurora fork of it.

Then ask, I’m curious!

Is there a way to reset Administrator account password? I have access only in User account.
There is Aurora Device Manager presets on it which disable lotta things - e-mail, browser, OS updates. There is no recovery access as well as fastboot. OMP isn’t help me to unlock it. In current state phone is just a feature phone with camera and media player.

If MDM (Mobile Device Managenent) is present you need to contact the company that have that phone in their catalogue.

OMP is the wrong company to sent it to, send an email to the company that owns the device: Where you got it from.

If all else fails you can change the motherboard and flash the device again (if at all possible).

It can’t be done. I have no access to it.

My Inoi seems to be dead. After normal usage and connecting to the power source, it’s no longer possible to turn on the device.

When connected to the power source the status led blinks (1s on, 1s off) - even when the battery is loaded externally (and seems to be fully loaded).

Is there some key press combination to reactivate the device?

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Where did you bought your Inoi from? I am also curious to buy such a device with Aurora OS

Got mine from a russian online-store a few years ago. I don’t think you will have big chances to get one now…

Thank you!
Is Inoi a russian brand? Or just a chinese rebrand?

I guess it was a russian adaption of the original Jolla 1 or so - made in china, used by russian post service, but also sold to public via an online store (which I don’t remember now, still can be found at Inoi R7 16Gb, Black, Dual SIM, 4G LTE, 3G, код 4660042750224).

It’s a rather basic but clever phone (4G dual sim, SD-card-slot, battery can be changed easily,…) but not trailblazing specs.

Is far as I know one of the devices which arised from the cooperation with OMP/rostelecom which might cause some headache to Jolla now…

Well finally I’ve got new Inoi R7 on SailfishOS
Please advice me how to get latest build on it.
OTA says i have latest one build (over VPN too).

It is was a Russian brand. Now it’s not.

What makes you think that even exists for it?

Source for that?

I’m not sure. Some guys says its pushed OTA for all devices. Is is latest one for it?
I’m just wanna to be sure. Guys install on it fw v4.x.x


Well, at least from the info available here, Jolla pushes updates only to their devices and Sailfish X.

So i did the searching that you perhaps should have done… some other guy in a similar situation was stuck on 4.0, managed to force some more updates - and then it broke.

Maybe they pulled the update server offline?

I dunno. I wrote to INOI support as well as to OMP and they all say sorry we can’t help.
They didn’t say we drop it or pause it. Or advice something. They just say sorry dude we won’t help ya.

Guys on 4pda says that latest one was Kvarken. And I can’t get it. Anyway I’m not sure it tru (about version 4.x.x.).

I can freely login to Jolla account and open Jolla store. And install apps. I need to isnatll on it Warehouse or Storeman and use it as it.

Anyway I’m just wanna now latest official available build version and nothin more. If it is well fine. Bit it’s a lil strange coz it’s not stop-release even.

Rereading this thread, may be the final “official” release for the Inoi R7. Edit: It is not, an flashable image with SFOS 4.0.1 exists, which can be upgraded to at least 4.2.0, see postings below.

Note that the hardware of the Inoi R7 closely resembles the hardware of the Jolla C and the Intex Aquafish (l500d), so one may be able to upgrade further (the Jolla C is still supported), if one exactly understands and knows which packages may cause issues and keeps old versions of them around; you will also have to know the rpm utility and RPM troubleshooting well.


Oh thanks for your research. Ill look at this 2nite to undastood deep.

But we have 2 fw on 4pda for INOI
Both of it were sucefully flashed by community.
As ya may see last one is v4 but not Kvarken for sure.
Maybe Ill try to flash it in time.
And if i try to fetch update via Terminal so it show correct device name in OTA file name - p4903. But download nothing in the end.