Android apps report Sailfish as rooted and unsafe

Recently number of android apps started to complain about me having insecure device. I tracked it down to having android image having “test-keys” string in build properties.

There is an nice app to verify it:

My current solution is good old unsquash / patch / squash we already did here, but it means each time Android is updated I need to patch it over and over.

Does anybody have better ideas?

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Seems to be in the pipeline…


Has the problem really been solved? In 4.4, two banking apps still don’t work. SecureGo and Renaultbank.

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I also have one app that still complains, it is “mObywatel”, a Polish Government app with electronic version of your documents.
I think 4.3 fixed some apps detecting SFOS as rooted, but some apps still complain about it being AOSP?

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I also still have that issue with Does it have to do with developer mode enabled? Or allowing 3rd party apps? Or being on EA? Any help would be much appreciated, as it seems, I am forced to use SecureGo by one of my banks somtime in summer.