Android™ App Support Top Menu Switch

The Top menu has On/Off switches for “Mobile data”, “Internet sharing”, “Bluetooth” and so on. It even has a switch for “Font size”. Could we please have a switch to turn on/off the “Android™ App Support” instead of the actual shortcut?


That would be nice.

A user would expect an ON/OFF switch to change states immediately, right?
Starting Android App Support is a heavy process. It can take up to 15 seconds. Stopping it is faster but usually takes as many as 5 seconds. I wonder how the toggle switches should behave during those long transition times.

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When the icon is pressed, perhaps it could gently pulse until ‘support’ is off and then change to full opacity when ‘support’ is finally on.


The toggle could have a third state (grayed out) to indicate that a startup or shutdown process is in progress. To be honest, also the two startup/shutdown buttons in Android App support settings could be replaced by the same toggle.

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You can already put a shortcut on the top menu that takes you directly to the android support page in the settings app. Not as neat, but its what I use several times a day when I have to stop/start Android to get internet connectivity back when it screws itself.

Or a little Android robot icon next to the toggle could rotate in little circles until the on-off or off-on state change has completed!

And if the state change didn’t complete successfully the little robot would stop rotating, but land on its head instead of upright when it did work …


Its’getting complex for a switch…I can see why the current design was chosen, but I like your idea! :+1: :

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I’ve been using aliendalvik button for this. It worked quite well on Xperia X, on the X10 II it leaves a bit to be desired, but is still ok to stop android support. Starting isn’t that reliable, but can also be achieved by starting an android app.

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@PeperJohnny thank you for the idea! I was missing this icon too, I took it from my XperiaX as one more setting, the orientation bar which you can select between dynamic-portrait-landscape and I prefer it from the “lock orientation button”. Unfortunately on the tries I copied the file “/usr/share/jolla-settings/pages/android-runtime/android.qml” from my XperiaX to X 10 ii . Could you send it to me please? Thank you in advance

Hi @PeperJohnny, where do I have to place the files? I am quite new to Sailfish and the Qt universe. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If I understand the spec correctly you need to copy the .qml files to /usr/share/jolla-settings/pages/aliendalvik/
and the .json file to /usr/share/jolla-settings/entries/
You could also try to build the package yourself with the SDK tool Building packages - advanced techniques | Sailfish OS Documentation

Well, yes and no. We know starting AD takes time. Couldn’t this switch just show a waiting sign before the start of AD is being completed and then only turn to a started state?


Another thing that makes me wonder (and tear my hair) why it’s not implemented after all these years…

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