Android App Support stop working

the Android App Support stopped working, I tried to uninstall and reinstall it, but it doesn’t work, I don’t know what to do, do I have to reset everything, I’m afraid to lose my informations.
Please help

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If you want help please let us know as much as possible to let us help you.
With the information given I’d say: do a reset.

Did you search on TJC?
Did you uninstall, rebooot and then re-install?
What does ‘stop working’ means?

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Sorry, my english is very poor, my problem is that Android service doesn’t start anymore at boot time, I can’t uninstall correctly, because nothing changes when reinstalling. the start and stop buttons stay in grey, do I really have to reinstall the whole system,
I can’t fix it with the terminal?

It is not about language it is about verbosity.
What did you try, how did you do it?

Or is it just this?

Yes, same problem but unresolved, tried several times to desinstall and reinstall, it seems that uninstalling is not done completely, as the application is still visible in the settings

I would like to try this :

But I don’t understand anything, in terminal I don’t find Data directory :frowning:

I unfortunately believe that no one has a solution… :frowning: