Alternative Corona App

I am looking for a sailfish app or android app where I can certify my corona vaccination. Since the Corona Warn app and the Covpass app do not run on my Xperia X (Android 4.4.4) I am looking for an alternative.

If you know an alternative app I would be very grateful if you name it to me.


Simple. Take a picture of the QR code. View in Gallery. Done.


Or use BarWal for storing the QR code (Scan your cert with the camera and paste it as qrcode into barwal). The problem will be that some people do not understand how it works with these certificates. Had some problems at the airport because the qr was not in the german CWA app. But explaining that I also could make a valid tattoo did not have any effect…

I use BarWal. Scanned the QR code from a PC and pasted into BarWal…

It’s not as easy as you might think. The pharmacy staff explained to me today that a new QR code is generated from the first and second QR code which I got from the pharmacy in the Corona Warn app or Covpass app. But I do not have these apps.

This is true. The final QR code is a combination of the first and second vaccination and is formed by scanning both barcodes with an algorithm. To do this, you need a newer version of Android. The bad news is that you can’t use Covpass to take a screenshot of the final QR code with someone else’s phone and view it on your own phone. This function is switched off by the app. Only a photo will probably not be accepted because further personal information is displayed on a second screen in addition to the QR code. So far, my information has also been checked during a check.

regarding the german apss you may check the versions in F-Droid:

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I had that (new QR code generated from those paper certs) also in mind. But today I scanned both certs with CovPass on Android and they appear as they are printed on paper, no change.

So a simple printout or photo or scan of second shot should suffice?

In the Netherlands you can just download a PDF file with the QR-code. Open pdf on mobile, done. QR-code (at least mine) is valid for a year.

Incidentally, our national broadcaster more than once showed some poor sod’s QR-code in news items on public tv. You can then simply scan the QR-code using CodeReader, straight from tv, to get his personal details and vaccination status. Blatant GDPR violation right there. So be aware on where and how you show yours.

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I’m on Android right now because of a new phone but there i tried the app menioned here Covpass - Vaccination status App? - #104 by JoOppen (COVID Certificate | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository) and it also works for my non-Swiss certificate. I hope it will work on Sailfish also.

So if it’s not encrypted, what’s to stop people just faking their own codes?

It’s not encrypted. The key would be reverse engineered in a moment, or you’d need a government-provided online service for that, which would rule out offline use of the scanner. But it is signed, with the signature embedded, which of course can be verified offline and no secret keys to leak. It can’t be faked, unless you get hold of the government’s private key.

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