Advanced Camera broke with Verla

BUILD ID = : 4.2


The advanced camera app stopped working. It does not display the preview of the picture and the button to make a photo is also dead


Advanced Camera App installed from Jolla store


  1. open advanced camera
  2. try to make a photo


Photo taken


No Photo, no preview


The normal camera application of SailfishOS works without problems.


me too!
Xperia 10

So I deinstalled it and tried to new install the latest version , but this also failed .

edit: Jolla camera works fine with both cameras, and 16:9 or 4:3 can be selected. But not pixel resolution .

XA2, only front camera works. Main one shows black screen, sometimes artefacts blinks after I switch from front camera or change resolution.

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Same on Xperia X Compact. I get a short preview, then Picture turns black and camera button unresponsive

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Also F5321, viewfinder shows image from main camera only for a brief moment, then goes black, front camera works.
0.9.5-1.1.1 update still broken. Any news on that issue? AC was one of the best SFOS apps, next to PureMaps. A pity it doesn’t work anymore. sp when SFOS in general lacks good apps.

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Idem for XA2 plus dual sim

Still not possible to install Advanced Camera on Xperia 10 / SFOS !

Question to the devs: can it be that some library is missing, that Advanced Camera needs, and that can be downloaded from OpenRepos or Chum?

same on volla phone, the preview is blinking, but advanced camera does not bellong to jolla right ?
the stock camera works for me

Yes, as I know, Advanced Camera is not from Jolla but from piggz. But I hope that Piggz also reads here and maybe he has a solution or more information for us.

It would really be very fine to use this wonderful Advanced Camera also on or future 4.4 system

+1 for XA2. I know it’s a pretty old bug report, but there is strength in numbers.

I miss Advanced Camera too, it was the best. Since the latest two updates main camera performes badly on my XA2+. If I want to take a decent picture, I have to take my old ipad mini with me, not very convenient.

An update released a few days ago on Chum finally made it work with main camera on the XA2 Ultra.

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Works perfect on Xperia 10 ! The bug on switching between the main and front cam is fixed. Thank you very much @piggz !

Confiming too for XA2
Thanks a lot @piggz!
I arrived to SFOS after it stopped working.
First time I can try it.
It’s really nice.

If I may suggest (but I think it’d be done if possible):
Raw pictures would be great!
This to be able to adjust compression and sharpening.


ditto on my volla. selfies work, but at my age, that’s just not a feature :slight_smile:


Thanks for headsup, last update fixed AC here too (Xperia XC)

Working again. Thanks so much @piggz Was worth a donation.

Now, the new question, besides RAW picture is
How to replace the default Camera App when screen is locked?
Indeed, the “before unlock” picture function is very useful.

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I imagine that would probably have to be a patch

BTW, the gallery is not indexing the advanced cam folder on the sd-card. At least not out of the box.