Make several contact address books possible

I would like to use my dual-SIM phone for business and private issues. For seperating my private and business contacts the possibility of having several address books would be great. If this feature is coupled to the ambience changing between different working surrondings would become even easier.


And yet another request very similar to these:

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Hi Peterleinchen, thanks for the links and information. That is very good news and I hope my request will be sucessfull if others also see the need.
In my search before posting I could not find the requests that you have posted. Maybe a How To Title posts or adding tags could help in the future. But having aware sailfish enthustiasts also helps, as we see.

I would also like to be able to select multiple address books.
e.g have separate work and personal ones.
also: be able to temporarily open my families contact books (only) when I need to find one of their friends.

The same applies to calendars.

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