Add RCS Service support to Messages app

I’ll just want to bring up this topic again in the new forum. SMS/MMS are somehow old now, so please implement support for the RCS services in the Messages App.


this would be cool, but I don’t know of any rcs implementations that aren’t android messages, so I’m sure it would be fairly tricky to get it working since there isn’t much documentation about it.

RCS is no android thing and was (as far as I know) some kind of joined project between the mobile providers and other to create a new generation of messaging service. Nokia was also part of this project, and also Windows Phone 8.1 had an app by Nokia, while RCS was also implemented in Windows 10 Mobile. Providers offer apps for RCS on iOS. So I guess it should be possible… :wink:

On the technical side, a Telepathy Connection Manager should be implemented, just like telepathy-ring does for SMS and phone calls.

Problematic issues would be that the technical specification of RCS doesn’t seem to be available publicly, as far as I can tell, but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Other problematic points would be the current state of Telepathy Framework which the Sailfish Messages app is based around. The Telepathy Framework seems to have progressed quite slowly in terms of supported features compared to what most IM protocols offer nowadays. On top of that, the Sailfish messages doesn’t implement some of the newer revisions to the Telepathy specifications, like certain information about group chats. And there are some more technical problems with Telepathy.

Nevertheless, personally I would like to see a “rebirth” of Telepathy to fix its technical problems and to support some newer features present in modern day IM protocols. After that, support for RCS could be added if it could be obtained from the GSM Association and if someone would have the time to write it or the money to let someone write it.

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This sure looks like it…

Haven’t had time to digest it, so there may well be essential details that are left out.
I also have yet to figure out how closely tied it is to VoLTE (and the IMS subsystem in general).