ADB not possible on Sony Xperia 10 II

DESCRIPTION: ADB and Fastboot commands cannot find nor reboot device in various states. Most concerning from a powered off state.



  1. Attaching USB Cable with Volume up on a powered off Xperia 10 ii will not move to any ADB nor Fastboot functionality, instead showing a red light on, then off, then booting to charging animation.

EXPECTED RESULT: Blue light should display on Volume up + USB cable insert.

ACTUAL RESULT: No blue nor green light show up with power up and volume down and volume up buttons held respectively.

MODIFICATIONS: Patchmanager is installed and many packages are on and in place:

  1. Calendar event favorite places
  2. Show calendar event location
  3. Restart BT in SF Utilities
  4. More calendar reminders 4.x
  5. Notes app cover [fork]
  6. Sandbox Indicator
  7. Timestamped sections in stock Notes application
  8. Hide Tutorial icon
  9. Finer volume control
  10. Stock emoji keyboard with colors
  11. Add space bar to phone number keyboard
  12. Torch & Mute on Lockscreen
  13. Messages app cover
  14. Email plaintext view
  15. Calculator result copying
  16. Force cover size
  17. Email Account in folder header
  18. Browser tabs view with Pulley Menu
  19. Smoothly running remorse timers
  20. Add new folder icons
  21. Glass popups
  22. Glass covers
  23. Glass buttons
  24. Vibrate when call is answered
  25. Enhanced email cover
  26. Show total partition size in Storage


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Sony Xperia 10 ii on SailfishOS

Can you please update the template?
Thank you in advance.

This is missing reasoning about why it would be a Sailfish problem. (And i’d be very surprised if it was)


Things to check:

  1. Charge the phone using a charger, not a low powered USB from a computer / or similar.
  2. Make sure you have the driver installed (this is the 10 III driver, but it works)
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Fastboot(bootloader) does not have anything to do with Sailfish.
And adb is an android thing, it won’t work when in fastboot mode, and it doesn’t work in basic Sailfish OS(you can use ssh).

It would recommend you to try another computer and another USB cable.


Before trying another computer, you can try just use another port on your current computer. I had a faulty USB-port on my computer, that gave me this behavior.

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@nerd7473: to reiterate what others have suggested, this does sound more like a device/computer/lead problem than something related to a Sailfish OS buig.

There’s nothing wrong with the topic: it’s good to get advice about this kind of thing, but I think it would be better classified under the “General” category rather than the “Bug Reports” category. I’ve moved it there, but if you think this is a mistake, please let me know.a

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