About redesigning incoming call experience in 3.4.0

Very late 2 cents. I love the empirical testing that you’ve done, and the design decision makes sense on a macro level. Individual preferences don’t live on a macro level, and I’d prefer to have the possibility to chose myself which option I prefer.

My problem with the new design is probably because I got used to the old way of doing it. I feel the new way is inconsistent with other actions across different activities (e.g. swipe up/down still exists for alarm, and swiping left for accessing the homepage from pretty much any other place).


Last week I rebooted my XA2 for the xth time. Each time I have to do the instruction, still with pulley menu, very easy. The phone hives a little push when scrolling up or down.
Inkeep my XA2 in Torronsuo because I cannot adapt to the new swiping when picking up a call. Overall the UI becomes more hybrid now, which is a bit chaotic. I also have an XA2plus that has a broken card slot. This has been updated to Koli. I use ot at home only. I really hope that Jolla will give us the option to choose for the pulley menu when answering a call.

I updated my patch to work on SailfishOS 4.


hullo @Kuba77 - finally I tried your patch, on all new Kvarken, via Terminal as recommended. No success yet. I’ll try again later this day, could be a mistake been done.

Hello, I am on now so I can’t confirm if my patch works on

thank you - so I’ll wait :wink:

it seems Kvarken is XA2 specific or something…
pkcon update messages no packages require updating to newer versions. So that seems the latest version I can get on my hardware.

sorry: of course is a more recent version than

Sailfish OS update 4.1.0 was rolled out to the early access subscribers last week. It will be released to all users in the next 1-2 weeks (that is the plan).

Bluetooth switch is not working since and may be earlier (see here). Are you planing to address this issue?

No, there are no pushes anymore, it’s just swiping. The lack of pushes is one of the reasons that I miss calls. The swioing gesture is too vague.

I’m not sure if it is only behavior of my Sailfish XA2, however I didn’t change /etc/mce. But: When my phone sleeping (display is off) I have call and I didn’t answer this call, LED starts blinking after this call ended. Which is normal and good. Then I wake up phone, look who was calling in events view and switch phone sleeping back (switch display off). The LED stopped blinking / lighting. Which is also OK. But when again (after few minutes) rings SAME number and again I don’t answer call, the LED will not start blinking anymore. Which is weird - because I don’t have any notification about second call. What is logic behind this?


This might be a bug you encountered. Post it to #bug-reports so it gets the right attention

After the time passed since the release I still am not used to this new way of answering. I constantly miss calls, because when I try to swipe the home screen opens. I have to navigate back some how and it shows “call in progress”, then I have to swipe that, swipe again to answer (fingers crossed I have the right swipe) and I have the call active.

I understand the design will not change, though is there something that can be done here to improve the calling answer behaviour?