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Oh good grief! You are not going to stop being Jolla’s self-appointed advocate, God knows why and what for?

Having criticized literally every word of mine and actually negated even my right to request and expect anything (“because they make the rules and they said >>No!<<” so how dare I further discussing it) you’re accusing me of “not being in any way receptive to people’s views”? What a joker you are.

Yes, Sir!

Especially that if not YOUR debate, my comments in this topic would have been just this and this, i.e. merely a few lines of text. Everything past that has been answers to YOUR RANT about my rights to request or expect anything.

Over and out.

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We’re in 2022 and these things are done automatically. Tax in EU is not so big problems so no export duty etc except for countries outside of EU. And from business point for Jolla it would be way better to have subscription model because they would probably get much more money, cause tax is measured in percentage so say 20% of tax from 50 EUR i proportionally the same amount as 20% from 10EUR as this is math. And even if they have some other related costs I can make a bet that these are also set based on percentage rather than on fixed amount of money.

@wetab73, @Steve_Everett, @lolek, it’s good to have your discussion, but it’s drifted a little off the original topic. Nothing wrong with that. But in the interests of keeping the discussion easy to follow, would you mind if I split off your posts into their own separate topic (starting from post 10)?


nothing against from me, go ahead.

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Of course not. Plrase do as you see fit.

Today I bumped into this echo cancellation issue for the first time. I then used a bluetooth headset to make a call, after which I made yet another call without the bluetooth headset, and the issue was gone. Might be some coincidence, but to me that hints that temporarily using bluetooth (or wired?) headset for a call might fix the issue, at least temporarily. Maybe until next reboot?


That’s an interesting observation for sure @vige. If anyone else has experienced this, it’d be good to have confirmation.

For most people perhaps this is a solution, but not useful if you are wearing hearing aids. I have put the speaker on as suggested. Echo disappeared.

Slightly off topic, but (on a slant) related and interesting nonetheless. I was recently in a round-table meeting where one of the attendees shoved his mobile phone away from him to the the centre of the conference table. I asked why, and he explained that the phone’s mic was linked by bluetooth to his hearing aids, so using the phone’s mic and some clever noise filtering managed by his hearing aid app he could hear everybody as clear as a bell even if they were at the opposite end of the (very long) conference table. I thought that was pretty cool.


Yes, the possibilities are endless, even braintraining is coming with hearing aids. It’s a very lucrative market, innovating rapidly and becoming very expensive. I was able to try those with connectivity to my ipad. E4000 the two. Even then it was not great, because music is always distorted. Besides, you are forced to have bluetooth and location always on and you are expected to manage it all the time. There is also surveillance, with the apps and audiciens can change things from a distance. Mine are quite simple and I don’t have bluetooth and location always on.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear: only when my husband calls me he hears himself echoing. So it’s definitely my 10 III that causes the trouble. I have it now on speaker when calling, not an ideal solution. When talking, the sound of my own voice is lowering too.


I wear Oticon hearing aids and though the oticon ‘Open’ app runs via AD it’s not possible to connect/pair the app, even though the x10lll ‘sees’ the HA’s. Would improve my QoL significantly if we could.
(not sure if this pulls it back or drifts further OT:)

But yes, a solution for echo cancellation would be marvellous…

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Unfortunately the echo is back with speaker on. I tried a compilot (works with bluetooth and hearing aids). Sound is very low when calling, nearly impossible to hear. The strange thing is that this compilot works well when listening to e.g. Youtube (uTube). So it must be something in the calling function.

I’m a bit lost here… for me it looks like it should be fixable or even is already fixed in AOSP 10. Can someone enlighten me? Not going to buy a 10 III without this working :slight_smile:

I read this as a confirmation within the same issue which has been referred to, above: [Seine][pdx201][AOSP10] Echo cancellation doesn't work in loud speaker mode · Issue #684 · sonyxperiadev/bug_tracker · GitHub

that should be the (cherry-picked) pull request:

Can someone enlighten me? :thinking:

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It’s working if:

  • using the hands-free speaker (loudspeaker) mode

It’s not working if:

  • using the ear piece mode

Sledges fixed the audio DB ID mapping for AOSP which activated echo cancelation for loudspeaker mode. However for ear piece mode the audio DB ID is unfortunately the same between Sony OEM and AOSP version so there should be echo cancelation activated which currently is not the case or not working reliable.


Does this work reliably?

Hard to say, as I haven’t encountered the issue ever since.

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Thank you!
I’m thinking of making the jump from Android to Sailfish again (I miss my Jolla 1…), but a phone where the telephony function doesn’t work in a reliable way would be unacceptable to me. However, if the described workaround works, I could live with it. Otherwise, the Xperia II would also be an alternative, but I wonder how promising (in the sense of how long it can still be used) it is.
But that is rather OT here, so I will stop at this point.

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The Camera API link is now 404-compatible, I believe the correct link is Camera (deprecated).


Thanks for flagging that up. I’ve fixed the link in the original post.