5G capable Fairphone 4 on the way


Fairphone 4


looks awesome! too bad it’s not gonna happen =\


is it capable to use an external display? didn’t find anything in the so called tests…


another android tablet, no thanks.


I don’t think that should exist!

yeah, it nice to see how far they have come. I would prefer it over the X10 III, but sadly there won’t be an oficial port.

+1 and LIKE for an FP4 with an official Sailfish OS. Please make it happen. :slight_smile:

Or like it was written a long time ago on a similar post to the FP3: Sailfish and Fairphone, a match made in heaven.


I would be also interested with a FP4 and a official Sailfish OS. It could be great to have again a smartphone with a FULL hardware support, and not a partial support as we have since Sailfish X with every Sony model…


There was never a (community) port for FP3, was there? Not exactly a good sign, unfortunately.

Actually, I believe Mal did get a port for FP3 working but was unhappy with it. He’s a perfectionist! Mal?!!

This was the last post where he mentioned FP3:

I really should release the Fairphone 3 Sailfish OS port, it’s probably already better quality than most other ports.


Yes, please do! FP3 and Sailfish should be a match made in heaven…

Exactly! I think you’re wise to be cautious, but we all live with much worse and can depend on you to do better :slight_smile:


Actually it starts to drive me mad that Jolla won’t officially port to Fairphones and similar repairable phones.
Wouldn’t it be reasonable to assume that someone who already uses Sailfish would like to have it run on sustainable hardware?

Ok, i would still be happy with my Xperia X, if Jolla gave a **** and would port a newer AlienDalvik over.
The hardware is doing it’s job fine, but now run into software limitations again because fewer and fewer apps support API 19.

For me thats double the frustration: I would have to change my phone because of software support and can’t even change to something sustainable then.

If that goes on like this, i will have to abandon ship.

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Sorry, why would it be reasonable to assume this?
I mean, of course sustainable hardware would be lovely, but does this desire have salience when it sits in the heirarchy of all my other mobile computing based desires?

An OS with a gesture based UI.
A OS that is privacy centrie (read: you pay for it).
A OS created with a largely linux-derived tool-chain.
Hardware that is both affordable and cost-comparitive to Android/IOS alternatives.
Hardware with a decent baseline of performance, that also has attractive features like waterproofing.
Hardware that has worldwide market availablity, with genuine corporate support for updates and returns.

Would I also like Fairphone 4 support…? Sure.
Would I really be willing to jepardise the features above to achieve this (Jolla is a small company of marginal profitability competing against trillion-dollar market cap titans)…? Hmmm, let me think about that…

I love how people pray this “sustainable” overpriced fairphone when they release a new version basically every 2 years.
You can just buy a Sony phone skipping every other year. Or use one till it collapses.

That was my plan when i bought the Xperia X years ago, not knowing that Jolla would not update the AlienDalvik on it ever.
As i wrote, i’m fine with the hardware, but with only api 19 support in becomes increasingly unusable for me.
That is what is basically driving me to buy another device before it collapses, because i would love to use it that long.
It’s a good piece of hardware and i would be willing to pay another 50 € for an AlienDalvik update.

So now i have to buy another Sony every time i need an AlienDalvik update? How is that better?


Yes, you do.
Because you know, apps have a tendency to be updated. And developers don’t want to support old APIs.
So if you wanna use new apps (new versions of them), you update your phone.
Nowadays phones don’t exist in a vacuum using only GSM standards, otherwise I’d still be using my beloved SE P900i or N9.

So it’s pretty normal to use Xx for 4 years and then update to 10mk3.
I’d even say it’s environmentally friendly.