[] Auto Orientation is wrong

HARDWARE: Sony Xperia 10 III
REGRESSION: Was present on phone since it arrived with 4.5.0 installed


When orientation is unlocked, apps are oriented sideways.


Orientation lock off.


  1. Hold phone upright with orientation unlocked
  2. Launch Calculator app
  3. See app turn 90° clockwise


Display orientation reflects phone’s real orientation


Display is rotated 270° compared to real life. This is unless the charge port is to the user’s right, in which case the display stays the same as whatever angle it was at.
Most of the time, video calls in WhatsApp will rotate even with Orientation locked. This applies to both the display and the camera. I’ve had luck with restarting Android Support and toggling Orientation, but it’s very inconsistent.




This sounds like broken/incompatible hardware. (at least i canot reproduce on my 10iii

I’ve had such lock-ups a few times. Reboot has helped in those cases.

If you go to CSD tests, do they work fine w.r.t. orientation and the like?

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CSD looks fine. It’s passing every other test I can do on it. I’ve tried restarting many times, and that’s never fixed it.

Edit: If you meant to ask if CSD’s display works, with orientation unlocked it’s sideways just like other apps.

Second edit: I just installed Bubble from F-Droid, which is a level simulator using the phone’s accelerometer. I laid the phone flat on a table, which sets it to a top-down bulls-eye mode.

  • If I tilt the phone left, the bubble goes “down” toward the charging port side.
  • If I tilt the phone right, the bubble goes “up” toward the headphone port side.
  • If I tilt the phone forward, the bubble goes “right” toward the button side.
  • If I tilt the phone backward, the bubble goes “left” toward the blank side.

My best guess is that the Gx and Gy values are swapped around somehow.

@GreatJoe ~ just a thought, you make no mention of what setting you have in Settings/Display/Orientation - It should be set as Automatic.

I can successfully set that setting to Automatic from the global pull-down menu. The CSD test itself was done on Automatic. I was also testing Bubble on Automatic.

I figured for the sake of brevity I’d use the nomenclature of the UI outside of Settings. Should I update my bug report to append every mention of “keeping orientation unlocked” with "setting Settings/Display/Orientation to Automatic"?

Edit: I should probably reiterate that the phone’s orientation stays wrong to real-life in all orientations. That is, unless you start with it upright, and turn it 90° counter-clockwise, in which case the fact that it stays on whichever orientation came before luckily keeps it automated to Landscape and up-side up. If Settings/Display/Orientation was set to Landscape or Portrait it would not rotate in any orientation.

Yes, please! It facilitates the work of the Bug Coordination Team.

I’m going to need the help of a Moderator or Admin to edit the OP, but here’s an updated version of the bug report.