[][10I] Android App Spotify and android apps are not able to use SD Card

I am referring to https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/4-5-0-16-10ii-android-app-spotify-is-not-able-to-use-sd-card/14436
Also on my Xperia 10 I (I3113), SF Spotify and other Android apps cannot use SD card.

What is the statement from Jolla? Is someone looking into it or solving this bug? In my opinion this is an important feature that has been working in the past.

Don’t create duplicate threads.


It is not duplicate. It belongs to different device, different SF OS version and my aim is to get jolla statement not finding a workaround solution (like in the other thread), which is marked as “solution” already. For me, it is not a solution to have a workaround that standard user wont understand. A solution would be that Jolla fixes it in next release. I don’t really get how such basic feature is not working for 7 (+) months already.

Sorry - for me it is not duplicate. if i should move it or anything, let me know

There is no reason to believe that the device model plays any role unless it is Xperia X vs everything else. And a patch release or two is not enough of a difference either.

This does not make your post any less of a duplicate in any way. Rather exactly the opposite.

Mind that the solution as marked by the user (not that there appears to be one?!) is different from the fixed tag set by Jolla.