[] Signal Android with MicroG complains about not being able to register with play services

As this error is at least new - not sure if it actually worked before - I would consider this a regression.

Anybody got any idea what to do about it? Is that a bug in the MicroG or a user error?

For the record: The app itself seems to be doing fine otherwise.

How did you install it? From F-Droid? If so, locate “FakeStore” in F-Droid, scroll down to “Versions” and select version 0.1.0, by default 0.0.2 gets installed.

If you installed it from somewhere else, make sure to install version 0.1.0 of FakeStore by whatever means.


Please, use the template or even better Bugger!

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Yes, sorry about that. I only saw the top message of the template and figured it doesn’t apply to my post and thus removed it before adding my message.

Thanks a lot. I would never have come up with looking into F-Droid and having to manually select a newer version.

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