[|Xperia 10 II] Taxi.EU App (Android) crashes on startup

The App loads, shows the initial screen and then crashes.

I did reset the App (delete data, clear cache) but that didn’t help.

The App worked flawlessly before, so this must be some sort of regression.
I’m not afraid to use a terminal if I can provide any useful additional information to help tracking this.

Please, use the template or even better Bugger!

Updating the FakeStore from the default 0.0.2 to 0.1.0 as described in the other thread fixed this issue:


Why doesn’t F-Droid show me FakeStore in search anymore on 4.5.0?

@theseer Thanks a lot! This fixed my Nextbike app which also crashed at startup since the SailfishOS 4.5 update.