[] predictive text input broken

OS VERSION: (licensed version)
HARDWARE: Xperia Xa2
REGRESSION: predictive text input fails


When typing on the keyboard no “word suggestion” is provided. The clipboard icon appears, the rest of the line is empty.


During upgrade I was recommended to remove a few packages related to predictive text input (not sure of their exact names). I uninstalled them using pkcon remove. The upgrade went well but after reboot I had lost predictive text input.

After refreshing the package list (pkcon refresh) I tried to install it Jolla store but it simply says “waiting” to end up with an error.

Predictive text input worked well before upgrade.


  1. system upgrade to (upgrade to 18 did not fix or change anything)


Working predictive text input, ie word suggestion as you type or Chinese characters displayed as Pinyin is input.


empty row at the top of the keyboard (only the clipboard icon shows up)


No change applied, simply followed to recommendation to uninstall xt9 related packages.


Among the other things i tried:

  • enable/disable different languages
  • uninstall/reinstall jolla-keyboard-layout-chinese package
  • restart maliit-server
  • reboot

Ever since the upgrade to prediction stops working until a reboot several times a day on my X10II.


Just to provide some context into the severity of this issue: predictions are the only input method for a number of languages. Please fix this ASAP.

No improvement since the latest update, rather it’s been getting worse. Reboot, enter 2-3 characters, it breaks, repeat. Effectively turns a phone from a method of communication into a toy. Please take a look at this issue!

Not sure that de-installing also removes the user files. E.g files that are modified during use, like personal dictionaries and so.
One of these / this file is perhaps corrupted?

There is /home/defaultuser/.local/share/xt9/xt9.dlm .
This file was modified after I added some unknown name into the XT9 dictionary (by writing 3 times the same word). I presume it stores personal entries.
If this file isn’t deleted after uninstallation of XT9, try to delete it by manually. (You will lose all your recorded entries!).

Please see:

I encounter this bug on a daily basis, mostly with the Dutch keyboard (I haven’t paid too much attention when using the German or English ones). What I’m seeing is this:

  • I open a text prompt and start typing. Sometimes, the predictive text works, but more often it does not. Typically, I realise this first when words that I use very often do not show up at all, and the list of proposed words then quickly gets shorter with each letter I type.
  • I then switch between keyboards (e.g. from Dutch to German and back). After that change, predictive text typically works normally (so you do not need to reboot)
  • When I then switch to a new text prompt (for example, two different fields in a calendar entry, a new note, etc.), predictive text is broken again, and I need to switch keyboards again to make it work.

I’ve seen this behaviour in version 4.4.x.x already on both an Xperia X and an Xperia XA2. Both are now on without any improvement of the situation.

Could you please provide a detailed step-by-step? I have tried to reproduce your bug on my X10-II, but without success.

Have you installed some specific packages?

The steps are described in my previous posting - I’m not sure what more I could add?

I do have multiple keyboards installed and active: Deutsch, Emoji+, English, English+, Nederlands and Nederlands-<>.

Packages that might be relevant:

  • Predictive text input
  • English US with presage installed, but keyboard not active
  • German with presage installed, but keyboard not active
  • Emoji+ package from OpenRepos
  • Dolphin Keyboard - Core
  • Dolphin Keyboard - English + Color Emojis

Thank you very much for your detailed step-by-step!

That’s the difference between your setup and mine. What is like without these packages?

As I’m not using them, I’ve removed them now. I’ll report back over the next couple of days (because this bug can be intermittent) with my findings!

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