[] Kuri doesn't start

Just saw this now by accident. Please either mention me with @elBoberido, comment on openrepos or create a bug report on gitlab or these issues might stay unnoticed :slight_smile:

You are right, after looking at the code there is indeed a bug and the workaround from @Ahtisilli will work. Literally every strava API call refreshes the token but the upload uses a different mechanism since it does a multipart message. Oh boy, with the benefit of hindsight this should have been so obvious :sweat_smile:. I tested this quite a lot after the refactoring but the refresh of the token only with the strava activity page and not with an upload and since I do not use strava I did not encounter the issue myself.

There is an update with a fix available :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot.

I use them just by chance (had no favourites except heiaheia.com in good old Nokia days).
Recently I’ve discovered [FitTrakee] (GitHub - SamR1/FitTrackee: Self-hosted outdoor activity tracker 🚴). Haven’t had time to test it yet. It also has a documented API and a nice and simple web portal.

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