[][Meecast][Bug] Event view not working


I just reinstall my XA2 with latest SFOS release and I’m now trying to make Meecast event view working. So, using Storeman, I have installed Meecast, Meecast daemon and Meecast eventview.

Meecast itself works pretty well (I was just adding the “magic” section in his .desktop file to optout from SailJail because Meecast was not able to detect his daemon in Settings > Appearance > Lockscreen widget, I guess an extra permission is needed, probably AppLaunch).

But when I try to use Meecast eventview, I enable it in sfos general settings (in Events view > Weather) and in events view itself I just see “Meecast” (Big, theme color), then next line “Meecast” (small, light gray) and at bottom right “Last update: undefined”… :grimacing:

So I guess the “eventview” part of Meecast is unable to communicate with the daemon. What should I do to make it works?