Browser Screen Unresponsiveness

I now have two XA2s running SFOS - one freshly flashed, the other UI upgraded without issue from 4.3.

On both, and on the stock browser app only, the touch screen is very unresponsive. Sometimes it takes four or five clicks on a link to get it to work. This seems to happen more with links behind pictures or icons than it does with pure text links. The browser often crashes and automatically reloads itself (and the current web page) after multiple clicks to get a link to load.

This is not a screen hardware problem as it happens on both phones and only in the browser app. Does anynody else see this problem?

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Yes, I can confirm on my Xperia 10 ii, especially on videos to show controls (Youtube, etc).

Comfirmed on my XA2.

On my Xperia X the browser is completely unusable for this reason as well. The issue is unique to the supplied browser. I installed an Android browser which works fine.

I can try too. Maybe you could provide a quick list of specially problematic websites as examples.
So the feedback is less random/subjective.

The feedback is not really subjective - if you’ve got this problem then it will be really obvious as it happens on pretty much every website. I found it first on Home - BBC News, as its my regular go-to source of news, but any website seems to cause the issue, so I don’t think there is a particular type of website that causes the problem.

I think basically it might be a timing issue. The link always works in the end, but either the ‘click’ is not registered, or it is but not acted upon, or it is but there is a delay of, normally, 5 to 10 seconds before it is acted upon (therefore making the user think nothing has happened and so he/she tries again, … and then again, etc).

The trouble with SFOS is that there are multiple issues just like this one - with many users affected by them across many different device types … and many other users who do not have those issue(s) at all. Weird doesn’t begin to describe why this is, but it makes those who do have such issues wonder if they’re doing something wrong.

Hence my post was to find out if this was a widespread issue, or one that just I had.

I can confirm too: I sometimes have to press 3-4 times on a link, even if I waited for the actual page to finish loading.