[] Emails are not removed on IMAP server on deletion in email app

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100%
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product):
HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …): Xperia Tama XZ2
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): YES, was working fine in 4.1 and earlier


When using IMAP server, I can remove email in SFOS email app, but it never gets removed on the server. This is when using Mail-in-a-Box on the server side. On SFOS side, that removed email is not shown anymore.

GMail emails get removed as expected.

Email status (read or new) gets propagated as expected on the server.




  1. configure email account against Mail-in-a-Box server
  2. open email app, hold and press on email in the list
  3. select delete
  4. observe that email disappears in the list of emails on SFOS app


Email gets removed on the server and is not visible anymore in PC or other connected clients.


Email status stays with unchanged status on the server. Can be accessed by other email clients.


Nothing relevant appears in the logs. Please let me know how to grab logs with buteo.


I usually do not delete emails, but archive them, so I just tested deleted an email on my 10 II.
It works fine for me:

  • deleting the email on SFOS
  • I see the logs on my local offlineimap:
    Folder INBOX [acc: nico]:
    Syncing INBOX: IMAP -> Maildir
    Deleting 1 messages (116816) in Maildir[INBOX]
  • then back to my Mutt email client, the email has been deleted
  • also checked my IMAP server logs, and I can see the deletion happening

(IMAP server is Dovecot)

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On my side, I cannot see delete or move to trash events in Dovecot logs (used IMAP server). Not sure if it is due to the differences in setup or versioning. I have Dovecot over here.

Will try to setup later tonight my mail account on the other device - maybe something happened during reflashing SFOS and restoring from the backup.

What I know is that it used to work in 4.1 and before just fine.

I have the same problem. Using posteo.de as email provider and IMAP. I can’t delete emails in sailfish email app. So they disappear in sailfish, but not in the webmailer or any other imap client.
But I had the problem already with sailfish

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Let me then state that I cannot be 100% sure if this problem was not there in SFOS 4.1. I think it is new, but it is possible that I missed it earlier. Although, I don’t think so.

Now, in my case, IMAP server is somewhat moving target as mail-in-a-box gets updated regularly. So, it is possible that I missed it since last update (jun 20). Unlikely, but possible.

that’s weird.

I checked again my Dovecot logs, and I can see the message I deleted being moved to Trash:

Sep 28 12:17:26 ks dovecot: imap(nicolas@XXXX)<18148><qfenoieifonqoieq>: Logged out in=676 out=37459 deleted=1 expunged=1 trashed=1 hdr_count=2 hdr_bytes=19890 body_count=1 body_bytes=12357

When testing it on another device after clean install, I have no issues on it. Mails are deleted as expected.

So, it must be something with the recovery from backup that messed up my email setup. Will try to cleanup and see if it helps

After removing all email accounts, older ~/.qmf and adding all email accounts back, my email gets deleted on the server when requested from the app.

It must have been mixed up configuration on my device which has resulted in this issue. Closing over here.

@luddwig27: I suggest to try to do the same and see if such cleaning up would help.


I have also this issue on my XA2 ( With Dovecot 2.3.13 (Debian).
Deleting account and recreating helped for me.

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@rinigus Thanks allot for the suggestion.

First I created a second Account with the same configuration, but by this my Phone got confused. So I deleted both and created a new one. Now everything is working!!


OT, but since you are a Mutt user… Have any idea about this - maemo.org - Talk - View Single Post - Extra softwares in Sailfish using CLI, repositories, etc ?

update - nvm, I found it in .muttrc, (using an example one…)

I have same issues, E-Mail-App showing E-Mails in Inbox were deleted/moved to Archive but on the IMAP-Server they are still there. With SFOS 4.3.0.X. i have this issue.

Server is german Strato.de (imap.strato.de)

I have still the Issue that moved/deleted E-Mails in Inbox are already present in Inbox on the Mailserver/Webmailer.

The correct Sync is just working on maybe 10% of the time.

Did the Jolla E-Mail-App create logs and if where?

In my case it was enough to remove ~/.qmf, reboot.