IMAP Email Setup Bugs on 4.3

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100%
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product): 4.3
HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …): XA2
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): Unknown


I used to have three email accounts set up as Exchange Email accounts on Office 365 for some years on SFOS, but synchronisation continues to be so unreliable, now over many SFOS releases (just times out, gets sync failures, etc see Exchange Email Synchronisation Reliability), and having found out that Office 365 supports IMAP synchronisation (but only for email, not calendar and contacts) I thought I would re-set up my three email accounts as IMAP accounts whilst leaving calendar and contacts to synchronise using Exchange. Unfortunately Office 365 does not support caldav or carddav synchronisation.

So I now have six accounts on SFOS (three IMAP emails, three Exchange for calendar and contacts).

Now at least my email synchronises fine all the time without multiple daily reboots being needed. However, when setting up the new IMAP email accounts:

  1. If I set custom the time period to custom synchronisation, with peak times being ‘always up to date’ and off peak times set to ‘off’ then no mail synchronises automatically at all. I have to set a specific time period (e.g. every five minutes - which is OK for me) for it to work. Manual sync from the pulley menu works all the time.
  2. If I set custom and set the time period for any time (e.g. 8:00 am) to midnight (00:00 am) then even though it shows midnight on the ‘selector clock’ (i.e. that round thing where you drag a blob around it to set hours and minutes) when you go back to the settings page for that account that shows all of the settings it always shows the synchronisation end time as 01:00, an hour later. This is true of the start time as well - it always ends up an hour later than you set it, no matter what. I’m wondering whether there is any similarity between this bug and Calendar Entries - Scheduled Time One Hour Later Than Set, in particular it is a bug related specifcally to how SFOS manage times and/or timezones when connecting to an Office 365 email or calendar account. @dcaliste ?
  3. If I set the IMAP sync to ‘inbox and sub-folders’ then the next time you go back into settings for that account (or any of the three IMAP accounts) then that setting has reverted to ‘Inbox only’. Again you can try to change this as many times as you like on any of the three accounts but they will always revert back to ‘Inbox Only’. Its almost as if my desired settings changes are not being saved (noting of course that there is no Save button or pulley menu item - all you can do is swipe right to the previous screen).
  4. If you delete emails on your phone on any of the three new IMAP accounts, then sometimes they are deleted off the server, but mostly they aren’t. This seems similar to bug [] Emails are not removed on IMAP server on deletion in email app - #10 by luddwig27


You need an existing Office 365 account


  1. Set up a new IMAP email account on your SFOS phone to access email on Office 365


All the above works as it should


All the above doesn’t work as it should

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I have similar bug at mail app. Doesn’t sync automatically, just manual.