[4.1.0 onwards] Ambiances are not ordered with favorites first - regression

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): always
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product):
HARDWARE (XA2, Xperia 10…): XA2
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?):


On last version ambiances where ordered with favorites first and that was perfect. Now they are ordered, by what I think, by the date they were added on the system.


  1. look at top menu or ambiances in settings


Ambainces should show favorites first


I’d add to this that it always seemed odd to me that non-favourited ambiences were included in the top menu at all. If you don’t ‘favourite’ the ambience, you aren’t planning to use it very often, so it doesn’t need to be easily selectable. Leaving the non-favourited ambiences out could possibly also save a little bit of memory. Perhaps that strange behaviour could be fixed alongside this bug.


You have a point, and so I made this over lunch break:



I think that this is definitely a bug/regression compared to the former SFOS version. What I noticed now is that all ambiences appears in the top menu. You can scroll horizontally through all ambiences … not sure if this was possible before. Maybe this bug was introduced while changing the concept of the ambiences management?

I can confirm that 4.0 does not have this issue, all Ambiences are available, but favorites are sorted first. 4.1 has “non-obvious” sorting.

Now that I upgraded to and I discovered this bug with the ambiances, I wanted to try your patch but… did you mark it “Compatible:” ?

I did, and cannot mark it for 4.1 as patchmanager doesn’t have that option yet.

I did test 4.1 though, so you’ll have to force-apply for now.

This is still the same for me on Xperia 10 II and version

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this is irritating because at first the 4 official ambiences seem to be always preferred over my personal favourite ambiences.
@jcerdan would you mind marking this as a ‘regression: yes’?

And I’d say this can be added to the list of papercuts


hi @rozgwi
I would like to mark it as a regression bug but it seems I can’t edit the first post O_O…
May be I should fill another bug to be able to edit this one :slight_smile:

I’ll keep trying.


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Right. my mistake, sorry!
I forgot that the OP can be edited only for a certain time.
That’s in fact a feature of Discourse, so no can do here :wink:

Could you please update it for 4.2, when you have time?

I think I neither can do that. If that’s the way Discourse works, well, I don’t really agree but there’s sure a reason to no permit to edit the first post after some time…
May be a manager of the forum can update this bug to 4.2.x.x…

I can, however I’m not sure there is a problem with the patch itself.
Can you confirm either:

  • patch does apply, and works, but is not marked compatible with 4.2 on Web Catalog?
  • patch does apply, but does not work correctly
  • patch fails to apply

Tags can be added/removed later though, and it looks that has happened.

Patch does actually work, it is simply not marked as compatible on web catalog.

Thanks for confirming, updating the catalog now.

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