[3.4.0] Multi-user support in SFOS applications

As it has become quite clear that the upcoming SailfishOS 3.4.0 will bring multi-user support, I am interested in the mechanics of it, or more to be more precise, how it affects OpenRepos packages with custom scripts for system and/or user services.

To be even more precise, I would like to prepare my Battery Buddy application for 3.4.0 so that it doesn’t break the update and cause my fellow Early Access members to brick their phone, and needlessly cause trouble and possibly even data to loss to everyone. My application uses both system and user services, so I would like to know how to handle the upcoming situation properly.

As a side note, using hardcoded home path (/home/nemo/) has been always discouraged, and this is something I have to fix, too.

Thank you!


I think you can try to get more info on this from community meet up happening tomorrow