/ Xperia 10 Fingerprint sensor does not work for the PIN entry

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): always
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product): Adaption
HARDWARE (Jolla1, Tablet, XA2,…): Xperia 10 single SIM
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): Yes


After switching on the phone, after entering the PIN first time, as soon as the phone has ready booted: Fingerprint sensor does not work. have to swipe to right and type the PIN for a second time on the touch screen.
After this procedure at start time, the fingerprint sensor works perfect.


cold start


  1. Power on the phone
  2. Enter PIN on the first screen
  3. Wait for system boot
  4. if ready booted, swipe right
  5. Again PIN required


Fingerprint sensor should work


Fingerprint sensor doesn’t work, entering the PIN by touchscreen necessary


After this, in normal operation, fingerprint sensor works perfect.

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I have the same behaviour since the last update on Xperia X.

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Isn’t this a regression?

Edit: it is mentioned as a feature from the release notes.

Yes it is a regression. Old SFOS did let me do the second unlock by fingerprint. Wrote this wrong by error, have it now corrected.

edit: have now read the release notes and read there that it is not a bug but intention of the programmers. But i consider this not useful.

It is just the same way my Android device behaves. First credentials entering is only possible via keyboard.

But reading your post once more: you say you need to enter twice via keyboard until fingerprint works?
This I consider as bug/regression.

Yes, if I switch on the phone, after abt. 10 or 15 seconds there is background black, an input field “Input PIN”, an emergency call button and white number keys to enter the pin code.

After entering PIN, after 5 seconds, time and date appears with the Sailfish background.

Reaction on fingerprint sensor is, that number field appears and I have to enter PIN code again by touchscreen. Again, it is also an emergency call button here.

After this startup procedure, in normal operation, fingerprint sensor works very fine!

The first input (black background) is for file sytem decryption, the second one to unlock the device.


@tobset thanks for reply, now I understand.

I have not yet updated so do not know this system behaviour.

But now we have to input twice the device lock/user code? And twice via keyboard entry on first boot up?

I understood this here :

Security code (if in use) must be typed when the phone is booting up. Fingerprint recognition cannot be used in this case any more

more like the decryption needs this.
And the unlocking of user is done together with this. So only one entering is necessary. Why should one have to enter the same code twice?

@peterleinchen I’m not the programmer but I think/guess what maybe was the programmers intention. I understand this in a way, that

  1. at cold start entering of a decryption code is necessary to read anything from the boot media, because it’s encrypted, to boot the system.
  2. after system is loaded, running and waiting for user login, the PIN for this user login is required.
    That’s how I understand this.

And at this place I have an idea to inprove data security: I suggest 2 different PIN codes 1 for boot and a 2nd for system unlock.
The boot/disk decryption PW should be alphanumeric including special characters and as long as user wants, like on desktop Linux system, so that it is possible to give a really strong password to prevent unauthorized people from booting the system and/or getting access to the phone’s stored data.
On the boot screen should be a full alphanumeric keyboard and not only numbers.

I understand that it’s better for safety to enter the PW twice and not store it intermediately in the RAM, this is uncomfortable but acceptable. But 2 different PW’s would give an extra gain in safety and furthermore it looks cool and awesome for computer enthusiasts!

Suggestion: After 3 wrong entries of the unlock code, the phone should show normal screen on the screen while doing a shutdown -h now in the background. (for the case that a phone will get stolen to protect the data on it)

Your idea is not entirely new :wink:

(duplicate of a deeper review of this topic, linked there)

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Yes, exactly this. But I didn’t read these 2 posts in the old forum before, but just now.

I assumed that :sunglasses:
And I support the idea.

(und Grüße nach Wien)

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