Youtube on XA2 - Sailfish X ( )

Hi Guys.

Just bought an XA2, and flashed Sailfish X with success.

Have someone a stable & simple way to use youtube without troubles & background play ?

Default Browser > sound & video are out of sync but locked screen playback working fine.
YTPlayer doesn’t work at all
Microtube too.
LLS Video Player working quite good, but loading with ytdl often take a long time.
And of course Android app’s can’t be played in background.

Thanks in advance.
Best regards !


I suggest that you split up different questions into different posts. This way, you will get faster answers from people who do not have your phone, but could help with youtube.

I can give a hint with question (4). If you have the Storeman from, you can install “LLs vPlayer”. I like this thingy a lot.

Have fun and enjoy your Sailfish X!


Thanks for your answer.
I thinked about spliting before publishing, i’ll know now.
I edited this one for the youtube question,
and already tried LLS, waiting times with ytdl load are a little bit boring.

You are very welcome. :slight_smile: I am thinking of switching from an Xperia 10 to an XA2, too, so I am reading those postings. :wink:

Why do you download? You can use LLs vPlayer directly on Youtube without waiting.

Hi @malibu1106. I understand that Webcat is supposed to play YouTube videos (section in author’s video here).

Have just tried it myself on Xperia X and unfortunately crashes the browser for me. Maybe the XA2 doesn’t have the same problem? Hope that helps (sorry if not).

Because it frequently won’t work normally. And it seems to not really download it, that’s the option in pulley menu called " load with ytdl " found it on openrepos commentarys.

I got an error about gstreamer missing a plug-in ( But working and sometimes long waiting time when i load with ytdl )
I searched on about gstreamer, but seeing comments, i’m not sure i want to try ^^

About XA2, except my WLAN & that youtube problem, i’m really missing the double tap, low light pictures are really bad, some bugs with android integration too ( joining pictures for example ),
But SFOS runs really smooth, and the phone is well made, seems solid, good battery life, loudspeaker isn’t really good but still best than JP1 one ^^
If you have any question, feel free to ask !
I hope you understood the whole, my english suxx a bit :smiley:

Thanks for your answer, i just tried it.
Doesn’t crash but doesn’t play too ! It just launch the download of video.

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Send a message to @llelectronics on Telegram. He is the developer. You may catch him there within the hour, otherwise he is responding within 24h.

As you write about WLAN, I guess that you are speaking german. He does, too. This might facilitate the conversation. :wink:

Good luck and report back, so we have evidence for other people with the same problem!

Thank you!

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Wrong ! I’m french haha.
Thanks for the idea, trying it :slight_smile:

LLs video player using ytdl is always a bit slower as pythons script is just slower than just using javascript to grab the stream url.
Though in javascript you cannot get the DRM videos.

As for Webcat. It is using the same technology as my video player. It uses the quick javascript way first and if this fails it falls back to getting the stream via ytdl. Though it might update ytdl first as it updates ytdl every 10 days.

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Thanks for explanations !
I set on the option for loading all videos with ytdl, it still take some time.
And selecting my videos after a search takes too, because the ui seems unresponsive sometimes, i have to click multiple times on miniature until the video loading start.
Best regards.

It should load just fine but show you a progress circle while loading.
If you have problem tapping in the browser window it might be that you are running Jollas outdated webkit. Upgrade to my QtWebkit version from openrepos for a fix.

@leszek Thanks!
It’s a little bit faster now, and the tapping problem is fixed on LLS Player.

It’s seems that video and audio on youtube with default browser are now sync, but video stuttering frequently. EDIT : After reboot, audio & video still out of sync, and no stuttering ^^

One suggestion is to use about:config in the browser, and toggle media.webm.disable which will limit videos on the browser to 360p and 720p (and yes, you lose DRM video playback) but should properly use some form of hardware acceleration, as opposed to the software-based CPU decoding of VP8 and VP9 that is currently being used. I’m able to comfortably watch 720p video in the browser without frameskipping or slowdown (though my phone seems to get just as hot as before).