Youtube clients for 4.2, 10ii

Hi all,

I’m on a 10 ii 4.2 and I cannot find a way to watch YouTube videos.
I am not able to install microtube, presumably due to architecture issues with Node.js lib. But not sure?

What other options are available ?

The browser?  

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I was looking for something with the wonderful ad-blocking functionality of microtube.

I see that the browser works, but is there another option ?

FDroid has an app called Newpipe Legacy. That one works on the XA2.

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Nice, thanks a lot!!

The browser using an invidious site :smiley:

Opera. Works fine and blocks ads.

I use also Newpipe for Xperia X and Xperia XA2 Plus

My LLs Video Player works also fine without ads.


Yesterday I tried to open a youtube URL with LLs vPlayer, unfortunately it told me that my GSTreamer installation was missing a plug-in.

Unfortunately, loading of search results in LLs Video Player is very slow. Otherwise working fine with Youtube…