Youtube clients for 4.2, 10ii

Hi all,

I’m on a 10 ii 4.2 and I cannot find a way to watch YouTube videos.
I am not able to install microtube, presumably due to architecture issues with Node.js lib. But not sure?

What other options are available ?

The browser?  

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I was looking for something with the wonderful ad-blocking functionality of microtube.

I see that the browser works, but is there another option ?

FDroid has an app called Newpipe Legacy. That one works on the XA2.

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Nice, thanks a lot!!

The browser using an invidious site :smiley:

Opera. Works fine and blocks ads.

I use also Newpipe for Xperia X and Xperia XA2 Plus

My LLs Video Player works also fine without ads.


Yesterday I tried to open a youtube URL with LLs vPlayer, unfortunately it told me that my GSTreamer installation was missing a plug-in.

Unfortunately, loading of search results in LLs Video Player is very slow. Otherwise working fine with Youtube…

You can use vanced youtube
vancedapp com
download vanced manager and install
open manager,choose non root, install vanced microg firstly and then youtube vanced
using xperia 10 ii and works fine