Yandex Navigator not working anymore

I don’t know the reason but Yandex Navigator is starting very bad after the last 2 upadates. Sometimes I need to reeboot my mobile 5-6 times and only after the app is started I can activate the location function. I have the feeling it got even more worse after the last update. You have some suggestions?

I think I’ve read something on the news about russian state is jamming gps signal for some military reasons, that might be the reason.

Thank you for the answer but I don’t think that is the reason.
I guess it has something to do with the data connection or the gps connection.
If I start the app it is loading the android support and then I have the 1st break.
Then I start the app again and it stop working in the moment when the map should appear. Then I start the app again after 5 sec. then it was starting normally but after the last update it beaks several times when the map should appear … or it is not working anymore. Then i have to reboot the app.
And also I recognized that’s new that the apps stop working after some time ~15-30 min.
Btw. Here We Go is working without problems.