Xperia XA2 Ultra - Both front cameras; possible or not?

Hi, Sailors.

I recently bought XA2 Ultra, and it’s looking pretty good so far. One of its few perks is the fact that it has two front cameras; a 16mp 1/2.6" sensor with OIS and autofocus, and a wide-angle fixed focus 8mp sensor.
When I take pictures or videos with the front-facing camera, it seems that only its 8mp sensor is being used. Is there a way to use a bigger camera sensor with OIS?

Sorry if I posted in the wrong category and thank you in advance

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Hi, I guess it’s still not possible, but you can try advanced cam. There is the new option with camera 0 or 1 to choose from. But for me it doesn’t work somehow, I’m not sure if it is my phone or in general still not ready.

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I hope it will be possible in the future, but I’m aware that it’s not on top of anyone’s priority right now.
Yeah, too I can’t change it in the Advanced camera app. I can enable/disable 1 or 0, but that’s it. Also, for some reason, when I switch to the back camera, it doesn’t work. It doesn’t display the image on the screen.

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Yep same problem here others have this too …came with the last update.
The normal cam app doesn’t have this problem

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Cool. Thanks for the info.
So, if I install a previous version of the app, I’d be able to use it normally again. I might just try that until a new update fixes the inconvenience.

Oh sorry I meant the last OS update… I guess the app version won’t help much, but give it a try.

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Oh, I see…well, in that case, I’ll just wait for another update. It should be here soon anyway. Thanks

Edit: So, I was messing around with /e/ OS on my Xperia XA2 Ultra and it turns out that you can absolutely use both of the front cameras. I don’t know how they did it because /e/ OS is basically a Lineage OS underneath and their default camera is a fork of Open camera for android.

Does anybody have any ideas about this? Could it be used in SFOS in any way, so we could implement both front cameras on XA2 Ultra?