Xperia XA2 Sailfish OS 4.2 GPS not working

Hello All,
After update Sailfish OS on my xperia xa2 to 4.2 i have problem with GPS. Actually, it is not working anymore. Even if i go outside, wait hours then it can fix my current location. I tried to start test with CSD but test failed. Also, I install GPSinfo app and nothing changed. Can anybody help me with this problem? I have no idea how to fix it.

Did you try rebooting? Did you try switching location off/on? Did you try switching WLAN off/on?
I do get similar problems sometimes, tried the latter 2 workarounds and eventually got a signal, but it’s certainly not as well supported as other devices.

Yep i tried almost everything. Turning on/off wifi, GPS l, insert SIM, chsnging GPS settings, leaving phoje with navi open for couple hours. I even reinstallled sailfish os on phone ale nothing changed. On sailfish 3… Everything worked ok on this phone. I have no idea how to solve this problem. Maybe next update will repair GPS.

After update to the newest version of SFOS gps is working fine. Sometimes it takes long time to fix position, but in overall it works fine. Thanks all for replying :slight_smile:

ALso please try moving out of the house as well , some times the GPS fix will not work if you are under a tall building or house .