Xperia XA2 Plus stuck at passcode

BUILD ID = 3.4 , 4.0.1
UI LANGUAGE: english (?)


“This issue happened for sure on 2x XA2 Plus, and probably even on a XA2.
The phone is new, configured with a security code.
When the user switch it on, entering the security code, the phone gets stuck in a loop which never ends.
The phone does not say incorrect password - just spinning.”


A new SF OS installation, flashed directly to 3.4 or 4.0.1


The phone unlocks


The phone get bricked at the passcode verification


The incident is happening with french users. Only in one case I replicated the issue…

Same here. XA2 Ultra dual sim.

Update: defender was the problem.

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I had the same issue on XA2 Plus dual-sim.
On SFOS 3.4 after factory reset because of failed update to 4.0.1.
So no defender installed.

Since the system was fresh anyway, I just reflashed 3.4, and up until now it’s working, even after update to 4.0.1.

I am addressing the issue.
It may be related (also) to the french language…
2x users that found the issue were french, the other (XA2) was Swiss and he updated to 4.0.1, getting a brick incident.
In particular with one user, I replicated only one time the issue, re-flashed, and then it happened again a second time, in France.

In the while I removed the XA2 Plus from store, and XA2 may be removed also.

I have this since 3.3 from time to time. Need to restart a couple of times until it works

Can confirm, that retrying for a few times helps. At least this solved this issue on a Xperia 10 with