Xperia XA2 or 10 II?

Good morning everyone,
Sorry, I hope I haven’t got the wrong section!
I was wondering, and I imagine it’s a strange question, but between the two models written in the title who will have a longer life? Not only as updates and support for Sailfish, but also as Android support releases.


XA2 was released 1 February 2018; 6 years ago.
10 II was released 5 May 2020; 3 years ago.

Jolla released updates for Jolla1 phone for 7 years.

10 II has the most potential to be supported longer.
(I have no idea what Jolla will support, but this is my educated guess)


10 ii has a newer kernel and radio protocolls. I would go for a 10 iii or v if you are fine with waydroid atm…

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Maybe i am missing here something, but… what?


Waydroid is like an android emulator on linux, in a container i guess…
Sounds a bit like there will be an official release for 10 iv and v, then you can pay for official Android support

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@emva @mankir

Thank you so much for your kind and patient responses!
Yes, in fact the chronological gap could be decisive, although obviously no one knows Jolla’s plans and her relationship with Google.
Unfortunately the glass broke on my XA2, which is a shame because it was a really easy to handle model, the dimensions of the 10 II scare me a bit…

XA2 Forever :innocent:
Cheap, easy to repair, abundant used market, good working (sometimes, a hw GPS fix is needed)
…but true, old.

Form factor is a personal matter. On my side, I already have a pair of ski, so…

SailfishOS is much about privacy.
I don’t know Jolla’s relation with Google. I hope not to intimate.
I personally have as less relation as possible with those kind of companies as they always tend to take my data without my conscious consent (from what I read/heared).

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