Xperia X to Xperia XA2

How to transfer messages , gallery , contacts and everything else from Xperia X with Sailfish to Xperia XA2 with Sailfish.
I can’t do it via Dropbox backup.
Thank you for your advice.

You have to give us more details.
OS version on both phones.
What error do you have when you are trying to restore your backup to XA2?

I bought the Xperia XA2 because of the outdated hardware on the Xperia X and Android 4.4 support.
Saifish is purchased on both phones.
I thought I would transfer the backup from the Xperia X to the Xperia XA2 via the same Dropbox account.
However, I don’t see any Xperia X backup on the Xperia XA2.

Because phones have seperate directories.
Log in to your dropbox on computer and try to move last backup from X directory to XA2 directory and then try to restore it.


Thanks for the advice. I just had to delete the notes on both devices, the backup wouldn’t upload.